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Importing and exporting Firefox certificates from the command line

Firefox is able to manage certificates and keys, 
for example personal certificates and their corresponding private keys 
to authenticate to certain sites. Th$

You will need certutil and pk12util. On Fedora, both of these are in the nss-tools package.

First, determine the path to your Firefox user profile. On Linux systems, 
it usually looks like~/.mozilla/firefox/foo.default, where foo is some alphanumeri$

$ certutil -L -d ~/.mozilla/firefox/foo.default
You should get a pretty big list. Find the name of the one you're interested in and export it:

$ pk12util -d ~/.mozilla/firefox/foo.default 

           -o /path/to/export-file.p12 

           -n 'Some certificate that I want to export'
Once you're exported it, you can import by using -i instead of -o:

$ pk12util -d ~/.mozilla/firefox/foo.default -i /path/to/export-file.p12

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