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How To Stream Media to Your Android Phone with VLCRemote

How To Stream Media to Your Android Phone with VLCRemote

VLC media player is a one stop open source solution for playing audio and video files on your computer.  Most people that are aware of VLC still don’t know that it has streaming capabilities.  Not only does it allow you to play files from the network and receive live video capture from devices, but it also facilitates streaming of files to other clients.

Those streaming features would be perfect for your Android phone.  However, there isn’t a VLC app available for Android right now.  Fear not, we still have two remote interface apps available, VLCRemote and VLCMote.

What is VLCRemote?

VLCRemote is a VLC based application for your Android phone. This application is extremely useful for those who want to have all of the VLC features on their Android phone. In other words, audio and video files that are not compatible with your Android applications or media players could be played with the VLC player.

It is really amazing that we can stream video and audio files from a VLC player on a computer and receive them on a phone using VLCRemote.

Setting up VLC on Your Computer

Let’s take a quick look at how to set up VLC on your computer to work with VLCRemote.

  1. Start VLC.
  2. Go to tools>preferences and select all on the bottom left radio button.
  3. Go to Interface>Main interfaces and enable HTTP remote control interface.
  4. Leave the host address empty for default port settings or enter “″ and check “export album art as /art”.  A different port could be used, but it has to be remembered for further usage.
  5. Save and restart VLC. You are done.

Setting up VLCRemote on Your Android Phone

  1. Open VLCRemote>Menu>Add device.
  2. Enter the address of your machine running the VLC instance. For example, if your IP is, enter as the control URL.

How to Play Files?

  1. Open VLCRemote>Go to file browser view.
  2. Switch from remote control mode to streaming mode.
  3. Locate your file>Go to streaming view>Press the play stream button and enjoy.

Just download the application and enjoy live streams to all videos from your computer without wasting any space on your phone.

Download VLCRemote

(By) Sandeep Agarwal is an engineer and tech fanatic who has a lot of appetite to explore hidden difficulties in technology drift. He loves to explore and devise the latest software and technologies.


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