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Zentyal As A Gateway: The Perfect Setup

Zentyal As A Gateway: The Perfect Setup

I’ve been using Zentyal for the last few months and have to say its a GREAT SMB server, with this Howtoforge howto a common scenario is explained

Zentyal is the Linux Small Business Server, it lets you manage all your network services through one single platform. It’s a Network Gateway, as well as an Infrastructure, UTM (Unified Threat Manager), Office and Communications Server. All these features are fully integrated and easy to configure, it truly helps to save system administrators time.

In this tutorial you will see how to set up a Zentyal Server to act as a gateway in a very common scenario. Zentyal will provide basic network infrastructure, load balancing between two Internet providers, firewall and HTTP proxy caching and content filtering. All these steps are well explained in theZentyal Documentation, which is a really recommended reading. The following example network layout is used:


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