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Question: Can I copy iPhoto images over a network

Question: Can I copy iPhoto images over a network

Reader Charles Graham seeks a way to move an image from one Mac’s iPhoto library to another. He writes:

I have a couple of Macs in my home—one downstairs in my home office and another upstairs. I’m not very careful about where I keep the pictures I’ve put in iPhoto ’11. Some are stored on the downstairs Mac and others are upstairs. Is there a way I can easily move photos on one Mac to another without having to walk to the Mac that has that images?

There is. With the Macs connected to the same network launch iPhoto on each Mac, press Command-, (comma) to expose iPhoto’s preference window, and click the Sharing tab. Enable the Look For Shared Photos and Share My Photos options on each Mac. Under the Shared entry in iPhoto’s Library pane you should see the name of your other Mac.


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