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My Favorite iPad Apps

A list of some of the apps i have found myself using quite a lot on my ipad.


The quintessential note taking app, i’ve heard riends say they prefer simplenote, however i’m invested in Evernote and have found it really useful when on holiday or with maps, directions and receipts.


Sat watching a movie or tv program and wondering who that actor is, pick up the ipad, and brin up IMDB. The answer is at hand.

Logmein Ignition

While the app is not cheap, the service at a basic level is offered free, and it the best way to remote desktop onto Windows or Mac PC’s. the App is quick and works well without needing to remember 1000’s of gestures.

Air Display

Put quite simply, this app allows you to use your iPad as an extra monitor on your Windows or Mac PC using no cables its all done over Wifi. While you’re not going to run Call of Duty on this additional display it works well for IM clients and low threshold tasks.

BBC News

Initially you think this is a BBC News RSS reader, until you spot the live button at the top which pips live BBC News 24 to your iPad in clear good streamed service. Great for a spot of news on the go.


Out of all the iWork apps this is the only one i’ve found which translates the iPad, its a great app which does on its own stand out for its ease of creating presentations. 


One of the swarth of photo sharing services from mobile devices, allows the user to post a photo to thier picplz site and then socialize that picture to Flickr, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr etc. To be honest i use this mostly on my Android phone, however it does work well for uploading edited photos on the iPad.

Analytics Pro

Best of bunch Google analytics interface, quick to setup, graphically displaying information in a very nice visual interface. Makes looking at web stats interesting.


This app single handily shows every magazine publisher what we want as a minimum from our iPad magazines. and while magazine publishers lament the lack of take-up of their pretty PDF static iPad touted fare, Flipboard signs on more and more sites and also picks up feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader as well for some customisation.

Photo Dash of Colour

this great app epitomises the touch screen interface, taking a colour photo, turns it black and white, then wherever you move your finger over the photo, the colour comes through. Nice effect which is potentially complex on Photoshop made easy on the iPad.

TapTap Radiation

Came out very early on, and makes great use of the touch interface, its a step aside from what you may expect if you have used Tap Tap on the iPhone, using the complete iPad real estate and leaving the usualy look and feel of the taptap interface to GuitarHero. however a great game..


The Twit network is great, this app allows you to watch it live. Simple, easy, no fuss and now IOS5 compatible. 

Rhythm Racer

A hybrid of a Tap Tap style music game and a racing game, taking on the idea of the old PS game Wipe out, making it a little easier, and boosting the music 10 fold.


Getting Wiki information about the area you are in the world, using the location services to search Wikipedia for articles about that area.


Good app for the office, displays a simple white twitter feed on the black iPad background, and thats it, however great to see and keep an eye on what is going on in the Twitterverse.


Simply the easiest way to get files on your iPad on the move, its my default My documents folder on all my PC’s anyway so i have a central secure(ish) location for files, which i can also access from my iPad


Not working at the time of writing on iOS5 however worth a mention, as this is a great site for wiki searching, and the app is mighty fine too, using speech and video’s to get information in a formatted method out of Wikipedia.


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