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How to turn your netbook into a Google ChromeBook?

How to turn your netbook into a Google ChromeBook?

We’ve spent some serious time with Chrome OS, and found it to be a remarkably good productivity tool for the right user. It’s super quick to boot up, moves fast, and is relatively pain-free since it is, in effect, just a browser. This also makes it perfect for netbooks, since they’re low on power. Whether you want to install Chrome OS on your own netbook or you just want to try it out before you buy yourself a Chromebook, you’ll need to do a little work to get it up and running.

You can’t get the official Chrome OS build from the web; Google only sells it on its Chromebooks. You can, however, download its slightly less polished open-source counterpart, Chromium OS. In this guide we’ll be using Hexxeh’s “Vanilla” builds of Chromium OS, which are similar to the official version of Chrome OS, but take a bit more work to set up. We’ll also show you how to get Chromium OS installed on a live USB stick for testing, as well as how to install it (or dual-boot it) on your own netbook for regular use.


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