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Question: How can i assign a keybinding to run the screensaver command?

On Windows and Linux pressing Ctrl – L  or similar key combination can be used to lock the screen. There doesn’t seem to be any similar key combination for the Mac, which makes more use of hot corners. However because it the way i use a computer I wanted to use the keyboard to lock the screen. This is simple once you know how.

Use Automator…

 Setup Automator

  • To do this, open Automator and choose Service as the template for a new workflow.
  • Type “screen” in the search field to locate the “Start Screen Saver” action and drag it to the workflow.
  • Set the “Service receives selected” option to “no input”.
  • Save your workflow with the same name you want it to have in the Services menu.

 Now Assign the keyboard shortcut

  • Next, open System Preferences > Keyboard and go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  • In the left column, click on Services and scroll the right column down to the bottom to find the Service you just created (it will be listed under the General category).
  • Then assign whatever keyboard shortcut you’d like to use, you can do this by pressing the tab key a few times to open up the shortcuts box
  • Then make sure you have ticked the Services box again if it becomes unselected.


Note: Apple-L is previously assigned


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