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Change Dashboards Lego Background Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

Change Dashboards background wallpaper image in Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion brought a few changes to the Dashboard, one being that it’s contained within it’s own Space by default, and the other noticeable UI difference is the new Lego lookalike background wallpaper that looks a little, well, Lego-like. That background image is easy to change, so pick an image you’d rather see and let’s get started.


How to Change the Dashboard Background Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

  • Find the image you want as the new Dashboard wallpaper and convert it to PNG using Preview’s Export tool, name it “pirelli.png”
  • From the Finder, use the “Go To Folder” function (Command+Shift+G or from the Go menu) and type the following directory path:
  • /System/Library/CoreServices/

  • Locate the file named ‘pirelli.png’ and rename it to ‘pirelli-backup.png’ – this is so you can revert your changes, enter your Administrator password when asked
  • Drag your own version of pirelli.png into the Resources folder, Authenticate the change and enter your password again

Change Lions Dashboard Background Image

  • Relaunch the Dock by opening the Terminal and typing:
  • killall Dock

  • Look at Dashboard and enjoy your new custom wallpaper

Change Dashboard Wallpaper in OS X Lion

Make sure you use an image that either tiles or is at least the size of your Desktop resolution. You have to use PNG format, but you can convert any image to PNG easily. For the record, I love Legos, I just don’t want to see the brick texture as my Dashboard background image, plus I like to customize things.

Default Dashboard Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

What about Mission Controls thumbnail of Dashboard?
If you are OCD like me and want to change the little thumbnail of Dashboard that is seen only in Mission Control, just look for and replace ‘mini_pirelli.png’ in the same Resources folder. Just be sure to back that one up too. I’d recommend just duplicating and shrinking down your main image to do this.


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