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How to Get Google+ Running in Your Mac’s Menubar

How to Get Google+ Running in Your Mac’s Menubar

Have you fallen in love with Google+? Do you find yourself checking the social network frequently throughout your day?

There’s a free app in the Mac App Store that let’s you run Google+ from your Mac’s menubar, and it’s called Tab for Google+. With this app, you can easily check and interact with Google+ while doing just about anything on your Mac. 

Tab for Google+ isn’t exactly the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen, but it does the job. This is the first menubar app for Google+ we’ve come across, and it lets you do everything you would expect from within your Mac’s menubar.

You can view your streams, photos, circles, profile and notifications. It would be nice if the app had Growl support for notifications, but sadly it does not.

Tab for Google+ is not an official app from Google, and the company that made the app actually displays little ads for its other products in the bottom bar of the app. The ads are unobtrusive, but that may be a deal breaker for some.

If you’ve been itching to have Google+ in your menubar, download Tab for Google+ in the Mac App Store and give it a try. Let us know what you think.


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