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How To Print from iOS devices directly to your Mac’s Dropbox folder


Printopia is a Mac app that functions as a small System Preferences pane with some huge benefits. Once installed, Printopia will give you access to non-AirPrint printers directly from your iOS device, and includes a feature to print directly from your Dropbox folder on your Mac.

1. Install Printopia

Check the boxes next to the printers or services you wish to activate.

Printopia can be downloaded from the developer’s website. It costs $19.95 for the full version, but a free trial is also available. After installing, you will get a new System Preferences pane. If you already have Dropbox set up on your computer, the “Send to Dropbox on Mac” option will automatically be turned on and shared by default. You may configure other settings as needed.

2. Print a File from iOS

If you set up a password for your Dropbox “printer” in Printopia, you will need to enter that login information before continuing.

On your iOS device, open the Printer dialog in any application. We used Safari on an iPhone, but you can use any iOS device running iOS 4. 

After selecting Printer, you will be able to select “Send to Dropbox on Mac.” Now, when you print, the file will automatically be added to a Printopia folder in your Dropbox and opened with Preview on the Mac you printed to. Note that because Printopia works just like AirPrint, this will only work when your iOS device is connected to the same network that your Mac is also connected to.


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