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How to Install Ubuntu 11.10 from USB Drive

How to Install Ubuntu 11.10 from USB Drive

Installing Ubuntu 11.10

Step 1: First of all you need to download Ubuntu 11.10 ISO image.Download ISO image of Ubuntu 11.10 from its website.Select the Desktop CD image according to your computer architecture.
Step 2:Now you need to make your USB Drive bootable.

  1. If you want to make USB drive bootable in Windows OS than you should download a program called Universal USB Installer.So first download USB Installer from
    Run Universal USB installer,locate the Linux Distribution {Select Try Linux ISO(New Syslinux)},locate the ISO image of CD you have downloaded at Step 1,select the USB Drive and then create.(You may also Format the drive if you want)
  2. In Ubuntu,use Ubuntu Startup Disk creator to create a bootable USB or LIve USB.Open USB creator,locate the ISO image of CD downloaded at Step 1,select the usb drive and make the Startup Disk

Step 3: Windows users can install it inside Windows or alongside Windows.Ubuntu can also be installed inside windows like any other application or alongside Windows where Windows as one OS Ubuntu 11.10 as another.So to Install Ubuntu inside Windows,open USB drive and run file “wubi.exe”,select “Install inside Windows”.

Or else restart and boot your computer (press F12 when you start it) and select “USB Storage”.You will be seeing 2 options (1) Try Ubuntu (2) Install Ubuntu,Click on the second one.

Step 4:Your Installation process starts here.Select the language for your computer

Step 5:Check that your computer is plugged in to power,it has enough Drive space available. If your computer is connected to internet then it is totally fine,otherwise it is not really necessary.You can download updates and install third party software while installation but it will increase the installation time.You can do it afterwards also.

Step 6:Now you need to choose installation type,there will be two options (A)Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu:-This means all your drives will be formatted and Ubuntu 11.10 will be installed as one and only OS
(B)Something Else:-you can create or resize partitions here and can choose partition for Ubuntu 11.10 according to you.I recommend the second option.

Step 7:Now select the partition in which you want to install Ubuntu 11.10,click on “Change” to change the type of file system,mount point and to format it.After doing all this click on “Install”

Step 8:Select the time zone of the place where you are.

Step 9:Select the Keyboard layout.In many countries keyboard layout is same as that of US,but still check once

Step 10:Now provide a strong password for your computer to keep your computer safe from unauthorized users.

Step 11: It will take few minutes to complete installation,restart your computer after installation and enjoy Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot


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