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How to Send Direct Message or Private Message in Google plus

How to Send Direct Message or Private Message in Google plus

From Facebook to Twitter, folks are habituated with sending direct messages to their friends and followers. In both Twitter and Facebook, there is a clear option of sending the direct message. But if you are trying to find this feature in Google plus, you won’t.

I was telling about enabling private messages in Google plusin my previous article which is not enabled in Google plus profile by default. It will let people to send you an email within from Google plus without knowing your email address. Therefore, you can not send a private message to some friend if he/she did not enable the Send an emailoption in his/her profile.

Though the direct messaging is not included in Google plus universally, you can somehow send a direct message to any one, provided that your friend have added you in atleast one of his circles in Google plus.

Let’s take a quick view on how to send a direct message or private message to anyone in Google plus.

1. Compose the message that you want to send in the share box at your Google plus steam.

2. Now you can fix the visibility for that message from the visibility box. In general, the visibility is selected to one of your circle or anything else that you selected before.

Make sure to remove that visibility entry from the box and type +your friend name. This will show the friends with that name in drop-down box as suggestion. You can select the desired person to whom you want to send that message.

3. Once you select the person, the visibility box should look something like this:

4. Click on the Share button and your message will be shared with that particular friend.

5. If you look at the above screenshots, you can view that I have added only one friend to share the massage. But if you want to add multiple persons in the queue where you want to send your message, you can add them by typing their profile name after the + sign.

If you selected one person, the message can be read only by that particular friend in your Google plus profile. No other people will be able to read the message. In case of selecting multiple people, only the people you selected can read your message.

After sharing the message, you can check back whether you have sent the message to the proper person or not. To ensure, click on the link “Limited” and you will find the people with whom you shared the message.

Sending your message by mentioning the visibility will keep the message private from other friends in your Google plus circle. Hence, you can still enjoy the privacy of your message with the above tricks though Google plus does not have the Direct message option like Facebook and Twitter.

Are you using Google plus? If so then you might also like to invite your Facebook friends in Google plus.


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