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Automatically Connect to a Network Drive on Mac OS X Start Up & Login

Automatically Connect to a Network Drive on Mac OS X Start Up & Login

For those of us who regularly connect to a network drive for file sharing or backups, it can be helpful to configure Mac OS X to automatically mount those shared drives.Network Drive Icon

1) Mounting the Network Drive

If you’re already familiar with mapping a network drive in Mac OS X you can skip the first part of this and go straight to System Preferences in the second section.

  1. From the OS X desktop, pull down the “Go” menu and select “Connect to Server”
  2. Connect to the server and mount the drive you want to automatically connect to on boot
  3. Choose Guest or for a specific user check the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain”

Connect to a Network Drive

2) Setting Up Automatic Connections to the Network Drive on Login

Once you are connected to the network drive we can set up automatic connections upon logging into the Mac:

  1. Open System Preferences and click on “Users & Groups”
  2. Select your user name from the list and then click the “Login Items” tab
  3. Drag & drop a mounted network drive into the login items list
  4. Optional: check the “Hide” box to keep the drives window from opening on each login and boot

This can be used to automatically connect to and mount SMB drives for those that need to share files with a Windows PC often, though you’ll need to enable SAMBA beforehand within File Sharing preferences.

Confirm the drive will automatically mount by logging out of the active user account and logging back in, or by rebooting the Mac.


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