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Google Drive vs Skydrive the Pros and Cons..

So Google have entered a crowded market and provided the world with a dropbox clone with features and benifits. How does this service compare to Microsoft’s Skydrive?

1) Google Drive has all but taken over Googles Doc’s app, got a Drive account and got to Google Docs and you will get redirected to this is amazing because when it comes to cloud based Office apps google is one of the better ones. Just take a look at the fact that it supports MS office, OpenOffice and many other formats. Microsofts offering however, well it supports MS Office Docs. this may right now be an issue however think about the future here..

2) Google is search, and Microsoft is not plain and simple, the more documents you put up there and realise that both Google and Microsoft are indexing your data just Microsoft can’t search your Skydrive docs properly.. who is short changing you? google Drive will index and allow you to search Documents, PDF’s and Images, if it finds a picture of Big ben, it will be tagged as such..

3) With Google Drive you can watch your video’s in the site, with sky drive you download your videos and watch them.. Streaming from any interface.. Simple easy, effective and if the music industry catches up this will happen with MP3’s as well

It’s not all Skydrive negative though..

SkyDrive offers 7GB of free storage to its users, an extra 2GB of free storage compared to Drive’s initial 5GB. That’s about 400 more photos you can cram into SkyDrive. Also, if you were a SkyDrive user before the recent switch to 7GB of free storage, you can reclaim your free 25GB of storage by visiting SkyDrive’s Manage Storage page.


Google Drive users are given a variety of capacity options to suit their needs. The cheapest is 25 GB for $2.49 per month. Additional storage options are available to 16 TB, although that sets you back $800 each month.

There’s an added bonus to all this space: Gmail accounts gets 25GB of storage, and any unused space can also be used for photos you may have stored in Google’s Picasa photo service.

SkyDrive offers 20 GB of storage for only $10 a year, a cheaper entry price, but it caps its storage at 100 GB for $50 a year.

Pretty much it’s down to needing a microsoft only platform or an alternative, from what i’ve used of both Dropbox style options seem to work better with Google Drive however you can bet that over the next few weeks Box, Dropbox, SugarSync will all come out fighting..


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