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Google has what it needs, it’s just presenting it wrong..

Over the past few years the guys at Google have got themselves a devent set of online tools from Gmail which redefined web based email for the better to the Facebook competitor which is seemingly core to the “success” of Google’s online plans and is forming an identity of its own slowly. Google Drive is a recent additiona and is another piece of the puzzle for the online suite which is Google.

If i step back and stop listening to the recent press releases from Google and take a look however I see something. Fragmentation. Google has all the pieces of the puzzle but doesn’t yet seem to be able to know what the picture it is trying to create is.

Take a look at the competition, undeniably when it comes to online services, and i’m not talking social media here I’m talking about web services Facebook is the leader.

What does facebook provide? A single coherent platform where the user can gain access to the services provided by facebook from a single location internally and an informative uniform business card of a public facing page.

For all its faults, and yes there are many this single point of entry into the Facebook Universe is a good thing from a users point of view especially when you compare it to the alternative of having a Google Drive page, a Google Mail page, a Google+ Page, a Google Docs Page, a Youtube page a Google Calendar and Google Contracts page. 5 or six locations providing Google branded services with tenouos links between them.

This is where I belive google are getting it wrong, moving forward they need to emulate the single point of entry Facebook and similare systems provide. the underpinnings of this are there, the redesign of the Google+ page has this idea at a seedling stage

The idea of the sidebar is a huge step forward for google, and this should be taken a step forward now by turning Google’s services into a single Google brand if that is Google+ then so be it. However not Mail, Calendar, Doc’s or Drive just Google+

Just like setting up a Facebook Account opens up Calendars, Contacts, email etc either as addon Applications or services this concept would work with Google as well with a basic Google+ account offering email, 5Gb Drive Calendars and Contacts and other services are added via the Google Play system as Software Apps.

Access to services would be done using the sidebar, and Google+ could be cusomized in much the same way iGoogle homepaes can be. Allowing the user to add and remove on single or multiple pages the services the user wants to see.

A single point of entry Google+ is the brand.

Having made the single portal web service work, the mobile apps need to be looked at too. the current Google mobile websie if minimal at best and not a great advertisement for the mobile potential of Google.

Google is a web service, and as such needs to work via the web as the first opion, sure it can have apps however the internet is where the fun begins. there are plenty of HTML5 examples of good usable tablet web design out there. We know it’s possible so why isn’t Google doing it? Is it cutting it’s nose off to spite it’s face? Right now Accessing Google apps on Android is a far more pleasent integrated service than on the iPad. However right now iPad rules the roost and owns the Tablet Market. Seems a shame not to to tap into that. So either Google need to improve the web interface OR get it’s app stratergy right on the biggest selling Tablet out there.

As the title of the blog post says, Google does have all the right parts, the trick is getting them into the right order. The Google universe is far more complete right now then the competition however is kicking it’s rear right now.


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