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Unsocial Networks..

The rise an popularity with Social networking has been huge over the last few years, this is partially our deep need to keep in touch and be socialble and partly to do with the rise of the smart phone which allows us to keep in touch while on the move.

This is the spin Facebook and all the other social nedia sites would have you belive however I’d suggest that the opposite is the case and infact social networks are deeply unpopular places and just provide a deep seated need to be part of a group.

Take a look at most of the social networks out there and what you will see is pretty consistant, people who either do or don’t know each others reading content from others, grading it with a like or +1 and carrying on. Social media is littered with two types of people creators and readers. There are whose who create content and feed it to the social media and there are readers these are the people who find that content, share that content and make that content go viral.

This doesn’t strike me as particularly social in so much as yes there are links to us all over various networks however social also describes a two and fro of information and this doesn’t happen across many of these so called Social networks.

Take G+ and Linkedin they both follow the same provider, reader model i mentioned earlier they are designed more so to aggragate content for people who don’t have time to be social. Facebook however turns out is more social than most however in order for it to be useful you have to be highly coosy in who you friend and who you don’t. People you know in real life is my personal rule. This is my second outing in Facebook the first time out i added everyone, it wasn’t social, having closed that account and restarting again with the “only people I know” and this has increased the coaisl part of the media.

However most of the people i am linked to on Facebook in the most part are not creators, they are readers, sharing what they read.. I’ve put together a simple experiment this week to see which of these people is a provider by starting up a Photography Group, providing a word a day and ssking for a single photo which is that word on the site.

The purpose for doing this is varied however boils down to the face i belive there is a content provider in all of us, and a need to share as well. It also provides people with the opportunuty to show how thier mind works and create something beautiful in the process..

Hopefully making my Social network, just that little more social..


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