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what I’d like to see in iOS, but probably won’t..

Apple has a Track record of innovation which has brought it back from the brink of death to one of the worlds biggest companies, they also however have a track record of great innovation followed by the rest of the industry catching up, it happened with OOS which blew the Windows OS of the day out of the water, however arguably allows windows to catch up and overtake the Apple flagship OS, and the same thing is happening right now with iOS as love it or hate it Android is taking over the smartphone market.

This got me thinking as a new IPad (iPad 3) user what is IOS missing that could make a difference. I appreciate that most if not all of these are spitball never happen ideas, it never hurts to dream.

Voice activated apps

I see a future where I can use my iPad as my phone, it’s on 3G and I use Skype so why not? I’m not however going to get my iPad out and hold it to my ear to make or take calls. For this reason I need voice activated apps. Via a Bluetooth headset I press the button, say “Skype call 12345” and Skype launches and dials for me.. This has other uses Facebook posting, other VoIP apps… Remote XMBC channel changing, verbal AirPlay switch.. Turning pages on cooking apps.. There are a myriad of reasons why you would want to voice activate apps and control them from the iPad.

Refund on apps

This is a must as there are so many terrible apps which false advertise on the app store, this will still make Apple cash, however should also provide the user over time with a better app experience. The App store might contain a record number of apps but most of them are not worth the space they take up on the Apple servers. If a purchaser was able to delete an app within 24hrs of a purchase and ask for a refund and Apple were to put the number of refunds on the app store so people could see just how many times a dire application has been refunded and why just as they do when you rate the app, this will provide far better feedback than the current rating system which is simple to rig.

The net result of this is simple if you are providing poor apps you will get no money and this should weed out dome of the worse app store offenders.

Skype/FaceTime integration

This was promised earlier on, and it is understandable with Skype being a Microsoft application not being the best match for Apple, however I feel Apple are on to a losing path here because put simply, video conferencing works best when it is cross platform and available over 3G AND wifi. FaceTime is just so lacking in all areas. So why not bite the bullet and open the API..? I think we know why..

User defined app preference

Now this is one I really want, there are better apps than Apples Safari and Mail out there however you are stuck with them because you can install an alternative, however the underlying os is not capable of using it as the default app, so click on a mail link and mail opens, click on a URL in mail and safari opens. This is actually fixed if you run the Jailbreak on iOS 4 as there is a Cydia App.which lets you choose your default browser.

And thereby is a tale because a lot of the wishes I would have about IOS are actually being done on the jail broken platform as are many other useful things.

I am not that naive to believe any of this will happen, however what would you like to see as a new IOS feature?


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