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Backup Phone systems..

We had a situation at work yesterday where the phone system wasn’t working, as per usual nothing to do with the internal side (thank the lord harry) It was BT being pretty slack as usual. Essentially someone dug up some road somewhere and didn’t like the cables with the pretty colours so launched a size 12 boot at a shovel and well.. the rest as they say is a dead line.

This however got me to being a highly motivated individual and set about building a backup phone system, a redundant unit so to speak which you’d think was a task and a half, and potentially might be on a management report if you were to be that way inclined.

Turns out the back end server and system, as well as being free as it’s based on Linux and Asterisk/FreePBX if you’re willing to do a bit of googling isn’t that hard to setup.

I put the setup guide i followed up here if you’re interested in how to get this going. The only difference is i used port 81 in the Virtual hosts and added Listen 81 to the /etc/ports.conf file

The next stage is to get the server attached to a sip trunk, and I’ll have a word with O2, or use Sipgate to do this.

What is surprising though is the cost in setting up your own phone switch server, on a known reliable brand Asterisk is free. A few command lines exactly 20 minuites of work and it’s done.

This is the power of open source, in my mind you’d be stupid in any situations in a SMB to use anything else.

Stay tuned as I get this server talking to both the outside world, a sip client and hopefully trunk it to our main phone switch.. Fun..


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