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iCatcher! Podcasting on the iPad done right

As an avid podcast listener to the point I listen to them more than watch Traditional TV I spent a long time looking for a good podcast client on the iPad.

While the iTunes store does supply most of the podcasts I listen to it falls down in so far as I have to remember to manually go and download each show if I never link my ipad to my Mac which is the case.

In my search I tried a few however ended up with a gem of a podcasting app called iCatcher! Which ticks all the boxes I look for in a player…


First and foremost you can subscribe to the shows which if loaded the app will automatically download which I end up doing every morning now. When playing the podcasts you can “switch off” your display and have if you so desire the podcast play in the background.

I say so desire because the number of preferences for this app are huge, you can control just about everything from how the podcast is played to storing the files.


The app links into a huge database of podcasts and also supports your external sources should you not be able to find that particular podcast you are looking for.

As well as audio podcasts there is support for video playback within the app or full screen as well.
With options to keep the video fixed even if the screen rotates via software options.


And as a final but not only example of the level of detail this app goes to, if shoe notes are included, show notes can be displayed.

An example of a well thought out and implemented app which is designed to server a single purpose display podcasts. And it does it well..


2 comments on “iCatcher! Podcasting on the iPad done right

  1. Fe Khachatoorian
    July 11, 2012

    I really like to do podcasting besides from blogging because it is a great way to reach your subscribers in a more interesting way. “’,’ Kindest regards health conditions resource

    • projectzme
      July 11, 2012

      I agree, podcasts can be informative, educational, funny, controversial however there is something out there for everyone..

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