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Reference your quotes properly

One of the few thing’s i’ve learnt from studying recently is the use of Citations, not just quoting webpages, letting your readers know where these snippets of information you’d gained from other webpages are from.

Harvard Citation system is a simple easy method of performing this task, however can be a little complex to start with. However the web is a wonderful tool and there are plenty of sites out there to build a Harvard Reference block for you. 

The site is just one such site however it is one of the easier ones.

The idea of this site is simple, feed the URL of the location you have obtained your quote from.

Feed it into the site, and the citation will be generated in Harvard reference format for you to copy and paste or to save.

However it’s not all about the internet, journals, newspapers and magazines can be referenced as well.

Within the “internet” based referencing it is also possible to expand on just webpages as the site does a great job for referencing blogs, emails or videos as well.

Understanding how I now do on why it’s so important to provide accurate references, this site is one which is in the top half of my blog bookmark list.


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