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iPad 3 Jailbroken… Job Done..

I like the Jailbroken iPad it allows me to do what i want unlocked from Apples commercially sensible but geeky annoying decisions. Apple strike me as a sensible company in so far as the iDevice range does what it’s supposed to do but now what they can do. However I like to get a bit more out of the devices i buy.. Why not buy an Android Tablet? Simple I can’t find one with 3G built in which fits my needs..

So How do you Jailbreak?

Chances are if you are reading this you’ll already know, if not OSXDaily has a good writeup on how to perform the Jailbreak it boils down to this..

  1. Connect your iOS device to the computer via USB and do a quick manual local backup by right-clicking on the device name in iTunes and choosing “Back Up”. You will need this in the odd event something goes wrong.
  2. Download Absinthe 2.0 and launch the Absinthe utility
  3. Click on the Jailbreak button and let Absinthe perform its magic, this may take a minute or two
  4. Absinthe will inform you when the jailbreak is finished, when done look for the Cydia icon on the iOS home screen
  5. Launch Cydia and enjoy (2012) How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 27 May 2012].

However it’s worth noting that the single act of backing up your data does not backup all the apps you have installed. I don’t attach my iPad to my mac ever unless i’m doing stuff like this or adding music and I lost all my apps. Had to download them into iTunes (because its better managed than the iPad way of going in and out of the App Store) That being said I didn’t lost any of the settings within the reloaded apps.

The process is painless and indeed quick and easy as suggested.

Installed Software  

So you’ve installed your iPad Jailbreak what do you install? Well the first thing you need to realise is that the Cydia App store and the Apple App store work together so you can isntall apps from both.

For me there are some key apps i’ve got to install because I just love the Idea of them:

Browser changer (Free)

Providing functionality which should be part of IOS anyway, the ability to choose which web browser you use as default. IOS safari is not a great browser, however there are more than enough alternatives out there. Personal choice at the moment is DolphinHD

SBSettings/Activator (Free)

Another example of functionality Apple need to add to the stock build of IOS is the ability to change the settings of Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G and other communications items without needing to navigate the Settings icon.

Installing SBSettings also istalls Activator a tool which in it’s own right should be installed. SBSetings uses Activatior so you can set the key method (3 clicks of the home button in my case) which is used to launch SBSettings.

Think of Activator as the key to unlocking limitless shortcut possibilities on your iOS Device. Many jailbreak tweaks use Activator to let you trigger actions from anywhere in iOS (double tapping the status bar, triple tapping the Home button, etc.), and you can also assign some stock actions in Activator for controlling basic aspects of iOS.

Winterboard (Free)

Winterboard is the portal to Theming your IPad with new icons, layouts its the Opensource and more up to date version of the app Summerboard.

Openssh (Free) 

This tweak adds the ability to SSH onto your iPad using a root account froviding complete unfettered access to the underlying file system on the iPad. Useful for just snooping around as well as a quick and secure storage system. However remember to change the root password from alpine or you’ll be hacked in second next time i spot you in starbucks.. 😉

Quasar ($9.99)

I normally wouldn’t buy any apps, this one however is a must from the show off potential. Take a look at the video as it’s difficult to describe other than your apps become windowed.

However in this case i make an exception as this has potential..


You may have read on some ill informed websites that Jailbreaking your iPad is illegal.. I believe this covers the basics.

In response to a request by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the U.S. Copyright Officeexplicitly recognized an exemption to the DMCA to permit jailbreaking in order to allow iPhone owners to use their phones with applications that are not available from Apple’s store, and to unlock their iPhones for use with unapproved carriers.[23][24] Apple had previously filed comments opposing this exemption and indicated that they did consider jailbreaking to be a violation of copyright (and by implication prosecutable under the DMCA). Apple’s request to define copyright law to include jailbreaking as a violation was denied as part of the 2009 DMCA rulemaking. In their ruling, the Library of Congress affirmed on July 26, 2010 that jailbreaking is exempt from DMCA rules with respect to circumventing digital locks. This exemption must be reviewed and renewed every three years or else it will expire.

Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School, argued that jailbreaking is “legal, ethical, and just plain fun.”[25] Wu cited an explicit exemption issued by the Library of Congress in 2006 for personal unlocking, which notes that locks “are used by wireless carriers to limit the ability of subscribers to switch to other carriers, a business decision that has nothing whatsoever to do with the interests protected by copyright” and thus do not implicate the DMCA.[26] Wu did not claim that this exemption applies to those who help others unlock a device or “traffic” in software to do so. As of July 26, 2010, the U.S. Copyright Office has approved exemptions to the DMCA that allow iPhone users to jailbreak their devices legally.[27] These exemptions also allow phone users to unlock their phone in order to switch carriers. It is still possible Apple may employ technical countermeasures to prevent jailbreaking or prevent jailbroken phones from functioning, but they will not be able to sue users who jailbreak.[28] It is also unclear whether it is legal to traffic in the tools used to make jailbreaking easy.[28] (2008) iOS jailbreaking – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 27 May 2012]


Reversing the Jailbreak is a simple enough as just restoring the ipsw files back onto the iPad.

5.1.1 (iPad 3 Wi-Fi): iPad3,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw
5.1.1 (iPad 3 CDMA): iPad3,2_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw
5.1.1 (iPad 3 GSM): iPad3,3_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw

So there is nothing to lose in giving it a go, if it doesn’t work just go back to the unjailbroken status and reload your apps. However going down the path opens up some interesting features on the iPad you may find yourself asking why it is that Apple doesn’t just include some as default.

Would you Jailbreak your iPad?


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