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The biggest problem with the App Store

The Apple iPad app store lets face it the stats are amazing they have created an entirly new business sector and Apple get 30% of anything sold on it.

Total Active Apps (currently available for download): 645,669
Total Inactive Apps (no longer available for download): 182,109
Total Apps Seen in US App Store: 827,778
Number of Active Publishers in the US App Store: 160,557 (2008) | Apple iTunes App Store Metrics, Statistics and Numbers for iPhone Apps. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 28 May 2012].

However I wonder and have to ask would it really hurt apple to have a 24hr cooling off period on the purchases of apps. More and more i feel shortchanged by substandard apps with in post analysis have incorrect comments forced and are inaccurate.

The app store for all its great apps has a lot of drudge in there, if there was a potential you couldn’t be paid until after the 24hr period and would be penalised for over n% refunds i would suggest that the app quality may improve and yes there may be fewer apps but they would be better..

Just a suggestion..


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