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Gem of an iPad app, CloudOn

Sometimes, just sometimes you run into something by accident which makes you go wow.. which is exactly what happened to me this week when i found an app on the iPad App Store (also available on Android)

Google are still not releasing any sign of a Google Drive application yet on the IOS platform which is much the same as a Google+ client for the iPad i suggest not going to happen for a while  as Google and Apple seem to be going through a difficult phase in their relationship.

The joy of an App store however is it doesn’t take long before someone comes up with a third party alternative which may in-fact be better than any offering from the original vendor. In the case of Google+ on the iPad there is iShare+ and for the aforementioned Google Drive CloudOn is an absolute Gem of an application.

As the name suggests CloudOn is an app which connects to 3 different Cloud based solutions Google Drive, Dropbox and Box these are bought into a Single App which makes great use of the 50Gb of Extra space i got when i signed up for an Android Account.

The Software lets you see all the remote files in a different number of views  this alone is an interesting a GUI for managing these files  in a single location the idea however the Gem, the magic this Application is hiding is pure genius happens when you open a file. You see when you open an Office Document you are presented with an Office 2010 Web editable/Saveable view to work on the document

The Ribbon interface works well with the touch interface on the iPad and very well and its quick, i’ve been using this over 3G all week and have to say this is an excellent method of working with the files and all stored online in the cloud to boot.

PDF files are visible via a full PDF viewer and images are catered for as well what would improve on an already great service would be online editing facility of a PicNik like service however it’s not something needed just me wanting..

I’d suggest this app will be gone in weeks, i can’t fathom out how it is they are able to provide the Office back end while not charging for the app. I’d be willing however to pay for the service as i’ve not found anything better. This is the sort of service Microsoft is likely to clamp down on which is a shame as it’s a great advertisement for Office Web Interfaces.

Get this app if you use GoogleDrive and hope beyond hope that Google are able to provide anything even slightly as useful if/when they release their native app…


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