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Getting Mobile Advertising right..

The common consensus in the industry seems to be the first company to get Mobile advertising right owns the next generation of the monitized net. There also seems to be opinion that the bottom has falled out of the Internet advertising model i’d suggest that this however isn’t true it’s just as it stands right now there is no platform worth investing in.

As it stands right now the big players can’t even get web based advertising right. Use Facebook as an example a company who knows a lot about me. I like things on facebook, i upload media, I comment, I provide a lot of input into the Facebook system. I am what Facebook would call an Active user. yet when i log into facebook i’m presented with Ad’s apparently targeted at me.. Right this second those include the Game Pot Farm, a page recommendation for “Black woman are sexy” and some other irrelevent advertising.

This just shows how way off the mark Facebook is with it’s current targeted advertising system and why Advertisers are quite right not to be investing their cash into these systems.

As we know the current popular method of using Facebook doesn’t even support Advertising this is Mobile and i’ve no doubt that the Facebook team will try and get it wrong before they succeed. However the pressure is on now as they have share holders to appease and make returns for.

One such model which i’m unable to understand why no one is using is the targeted local advertising. Where the mobile platform wins out better than any other is the same system that Foursquare and Gowalla understand but in reverse. The idea of foursquare is to use the GPS on your mobile device to check in and let people know where you are. The reverse of this is an advertisers dream.

Targeted location based advertising is the way forward, the opposite of foursquare letting me know what restaurants, bars, malls, supermarkets have offers on around me is what I want. If the local deli round the corner is having a special on Bacon Rolls I want to know about this. If Sainsbury’s has promotion, if there is a taxi firm just out of view of the station I want to know about this. This is commercially viable  advertising.

If i take coming out of a London Underground station in an area i don’t know i’d suggest that as a local business or a large company you want to get my attention so i spend cash with you. If i’m on holiday in a foreign city knowing just where to eat locally is also a bonus.

This is all possible as you know where i am give or take 2 meters…

How else can we promote unobtrusive useful mobile advertising?


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