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4 little IOS Jailbreak Tweaks which make Jailbreaking worth it..

The internet is awash with posts for the pro’s and con’s of Jailbreaking your IOS device, and there are a number of good solid points for both sides. I choose to Jailbreak my iPad 3 for the simplest of reasons. There are some tweaks on the Cydia App store which i firmly belive Apple should build into the ore IOS. they are experience enhancers.

As I don’t lose anything by Jailbreaking, i see no reason not to enhance the experience on the device for the features which Apple forgot.

I don’t condone of use Pirated software on the device, i’m not interested in themes making the icons’ look different, and although I did pay for it, the app which turns the apps into Windows, save your cash.. not worth it.

So what are these gems which make the difference?


A personal pet annoyance with the management of some of the IOS services is the need to drill down into the Settings menu to turn things on and off. The example I will cite is of you have a 3G iPad turning on and off the Mobile data when you are not using it is 3 menus deep.

This is made even more annoying if you’ve migrated from android, as this functionality is handled within the Notifications pull down.

This tweak emulates the Android functionality placing a selection of Icon’s which can be turned on or off from the apps control panel under settings. As you can imagine especially useful for things such as Bluetooth, 3G, Wifi etc. however not limited to those as Brightness and other settings are available.

MountainLionCenter for iPad

With the IOSification of OSX happening, it’s good to see these Jailbreak App developers taking some of the ideas from OSX and porting them over to the IOS platform.

Mountain lion has had the notification centre added to it as a panel on the right of the screen. This Works really well on the iPad too it seems as it provides a much more coherent experience for the notification centre making it it much more viable and easier to see what is going on. And as this screen shot shows the NCSettings tweak also works within this enhancement as well.

Accessing the notification centre is a two fingered swip on the device, and notifications now come in on the device like an ESPN sports upper thierd (ok 1 line, not a 1/3 o the screen) however to look better this way.

Browser Changer

Another one of the annoyances of IOS is the wealth of alternatives to the Safari web browser and Apples lock down on having to use it. There are so many better alternatives out there yet i click on a URL and i get Safari. Well no more with this tweak

Once installed it’s found under the settings menu and you can choose which browser you want to open as default. Obviously you’ll then need to install this Browser should it not already be installed on your device.

As the screen shot suggests you can have other applications open this new browser from within them as well..


I know Apple have moved mountains with their Airplay system, and coupled with XBMC i’ve been really happy with this.

I also like that some apps work with the VGA connector i bought, as my TV has a VGA port

That was right up till Sky sports and the F1.. Which displays the content on the iPad and the Skysports logo on my TV via the Airplay and VGA.

It’s because of apps like these Display out is so good, because it quite literally puts everything on the iPad’s display out via the VGA port. Apple, please heed, this needs to be the standard operation. You make the hardware not the movie studios.. they need you more than you need them, trust me..


so there we go, 4 very minor tweaks which make life on the iPad so much better.. Do you have any to suggest?



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