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What’s the future of TV?

Got a TV? Sure you have.. Turn it on.. What’s on? Considering even in the UK you can get up to hundreds of channels to watch i’m guessing at some point you’ve sat infront of your TV and uttered the words, or at very least thought them “There is nothing to watch on TV”

Sure there are good TV shows, but not enough to justify the plethora of channels on offer these days which seem to be padded with repeats, poor quality TV, repeats and repeats just so they can justify a single or if they are lucky a couple of original programmes. 

TV has become saturated I can’t speak the rest of the world however the UK of the 70’s or 80’s while the programming may not have been any worse or better as there were only 4 channels, what good TV there was was easier to find.

However reminiscing on the “good old days of TV” is pointless, the dynamic changed, we got Satellite and Cable we got hundreds of channels, we got pay per view sport and for a while it was good.

That has changed recently and what started off as a small movement has been gathering pace the cutting the cord movement and it’s lighting a landing strip for the consumer over the next few years.

This all started with the creation of systems like XBMC, Plex and Boxee providing PC’s with a fullscreen display offering web TV content, slowly the TV companies caught up to the idea of streaming over the interwebs and plugins wer built, services were provided and we got the rudimentary beginnings of a TV system not linked to the cable providers.

As time has moved forward stats in the UK show that more and more prople are using the catchup channels to watch what they want when they want and that statement is what is going to take this movement to the next level.

The ability to watch what you want, when you want to watch it is how we now watch TV, other than for Live Sports we don’t sit round the TV and watch the same shows at the same time, we go out, we do other things, and when we have time we watch and not necessarily on the TV as we are watching more TV on non TV devices now. Tablets, Games Consoles Laptop Pc’s are changing not only when we watch TV, but when and how to watch TV.

Coupled with an increase in downloading of TV content as broadband speeds have increased the feasibility of downloading a few gig a week of TV shows is less of a challenge than when you just had a 1Mb link.

While some reading this might be thinking what am I on about, it’s early days in the consumer world for these types of products and the Smart TV is in its fledgling years. However it’s out there and usable right now and when companies like Apple identify the SmartTV as a potential revenue vertical the game starts to change just as it did with the Smartphone when the iPhone was introduced.

As these smart TV’s move forward they will start to standardise on a method of picking up distributed content, either the next generation of Flash, HTML5, Apps it doesn’t matter what matters for these SmartTV’s is a standard which the content providers can use to put their content out there..

Right now this standard is Flash, well it is in the UK the TV companies are providing flash based content on BBC iPlayer, ITV Catchup etc and the smart TV’s are scraping it. This will change over the next few years with the potential of companies like the BBC, NBC, CBS all becoming irrelevant over time. While Content producers providing apps or plugins which in turn drop out the middle man and provide more cash directly for the content creators.

TV is changing and the future is uncharted however it will hopefully end up with less chaff and more wheat on the TV..


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