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Is Formula 1 just to safe?

It’s another Sunday and in our house that means 3hrs of F1 Coverage either on Sky or the BBC and while this s special year with so many contenders and no outright winner streaming ahead of the pack I’d suggest that the sport has become dull and boring.

And if that doesn’t get me adverse comments nothing i ever write on this blog will as I’ve already found out F1 fans are really really feisty individuals.

However it is a comment as a watcher rather than a fan i will stand by in any bar argument and i will do so because put quite simply I want to see a few crashes not a precession of 60 to 70 laps of cars going round not really overtaking too much and sending me to sleep.

I’m not asking for the days of James Hunt, Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauder back again with deaths, fires, crowd injuries and no safety that would be insane however there must be a middle ground as right now F1 comes across as being a staid and easy sport with little talent required. Anyone with a 40″ screen and a PS3 could drive one of these cars..

And yes I also know that is not strictly true i’m using that as an analogy to just how the sport appears to the impartial fan.

The sport needs to readjust, re look at itself because while it may be flying hight right now, that can change very quickly if the supporters start to get bored of seasons dominated by single drivers or teams.

If i look at MotoGP there are crashes, spills, Touring Cars is the same packed grids, passing, smacks the lot. So motorsport can be exciting, not this precession which is F1…

Do you agree?


2 comments on “Is Formula 1 just to safe?

  1. Rob c
    June 11, 2012

    Douche what race were you watching? Ps it’s nicky Lauder not noki ( his Japanese cosin) 😉

    • projectzme
      June 11, 2012

      Watching those cars go round knowing that the real over taking was only done in the DRS zone or in the pit stop, and yes, Lewis won, but not because he was a better driver, Vettel yielded to him and Alonsos tires died.. Had there been level pegging both the red bull and the Ferrari had the measure of the McLauren who just got very lucky.. Other than that.. Yawn..

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