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So whats new at WWDC from Apple?

While the UK got to grips with a less and average England team in the Euro2012 finals there were some Mac Geeks out there with rolling podcasts from the likes of Engadget, The Verge and TWiT keeping an eye on events at Apples WWDC2012. Did Apple introduce what was expected? 

Basically the show and tell broke down into the following 4 sections..

Macbook Air

This was a hardware upgrade essentially, with a couple of interesting new features

As expected there were the processor and graphics updates, no big deal there that just keeps the line in touch with Intel’s Ultrabook spec the upgrade to 1/2 TB of Flash Ram for storgage is a nice if expensive option.. The Addition of the 2 USB 3 ports however is telling that Apple is still backing Thunderbolt but obviously aware that take up is slow and the USB3 standard is going to get popular quicker. This is really just a stock upgrade to the already very good line just to keep it one step ahead of all the Macbook lookalike Ultrabooks which turned up at CES.

Macbook Pro

The big hardware news for the event however came with the MBP line of Laptops, Specifically the inclusion of a “retina” display which for Apple is a definition of anything with a really high resolution, and this device has that with 5.1 million pixels displaying at a resolution of 2880×1800 this essentially means you can edit a 1080p HD movie in Final cut and still have a huge chunk of screen left in which to work.

Other Specs include an all-flash architecture. Quad-core Intel Core i7 processors. In a design that’s just 1.8cm thin and 2.02kg

This of course comes at a price which in the UK is £1799 not cheap however this is a very powerful work horse laptop which will keep you going for a while. Especially seeing as it’s got 7hrs usable battery life and Apple seem to be pretty honest with their battery life specs.

This is a huge call out to the rest of the industry and is an example of Apple even in the middle of a recession upping the game and  again sending a message to the industry

It’s good to see the refresh and yes the i7 is also a welcome sight. as it the specs update on the normal MBP (13″ and 15″) including like th Macbook Air the 2 USB 3 ports.

Read More:

Mountain Lion

The Mountain Lion show and tell was really just an update from what we already know, there are a few additional features such as the Safari browser and the inclusion of Facebook. However it’s good to see that its going to be $19.99 at release a nominal cost and next month. The IOSification of OSX Continues

Read More:


Now the Fun begins IOS6 while most of the slides were of iPhone devices the inference was that all the features would be available on the iPad as well. Of personal interest we have:

So what are the highlights?


Well Google is gone and in come Apples new system which provides a rather impressive TomTom like turn by turn navigation system however it’s flyby which will be the head turner. In real time

It will be interesting to see if Google bring out an IOS app quickly after IOS 6 is released because from the demo at least this ia impressive. also I’m wondering just how ell the trafic information and maps work outside the US?


 Just as Twitter before it Facebook is now deeply integrated into the IOS system and the App store.. About time


 A comment on the Verge’s update covers this more than I can “Has Apple found an answer to a problem that no one has ?” This could be the fore bearer to the Apple Wallet however right now Apple just wants us to have our club cards, and flight systems

I like this idea, right now i use Evernote for the same idea however again i’m hoping UK companies can get using this very quickly just as the US ones can. The demo showed realtime gate information changing on the App with a flight pass these are they types of things which i can see being useful however Pret, Pizza Hut and Sainsbury’s Nectar cards would be much more useful.

Facetime over £g

 Ok, this i like, i still think Skype will win out in the bigger battle however Facetime needs this, it also needs to open its API to other platforms, but huey you can’t have everything.

Safari & Mail

Both of these have had very specific enhancements which will make life better and have been wished for on many a persons list. From Safari i can upload photos into webpages such as Facebook from within the browser and the Mail app lets you insert photo’s or videos from within mail. Sweet

Find out more about IOS 6 here:

What wasn’t mentioned?

Well there was no “one more thing” and as such no Apple TV device so the rumour mill will keep churning on that one, no iPhone 5 mentioned either so i guess this wasn’t a time for ISO hardware upgrades and more of an IOS software even and Mac Hardware. This doesn’t mean the Apple TV won’t come, in one guise or another just not today.. To be honest the market isn’t ready yet, what Apple need for a TV to work is for lots of competing platforms to segment the market and annoy people just like smartphones did. Then step in and do it properly.


It’s great to see Apple putting a firm hardware stamp back on the Mac Laptops it shows intention and proves they still need the range and they are committed to it. From a software standpoint the ecosystem is getting more and more tight and with more people using Apple products it is a brave move dropping Google Maps, followed up by a sound business move in the post Jobs era to get in bed with Facebook.



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