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Why I won’t buy a Retina Macbook Pro just yet…

With Apple announcing the new High Definition screen Retina Macbook Pro and being the Fanboy I am I’ve been asked many times would I get one, and told by several people they would love to buy one.. I have to simply say, I won’t be buying one, but not because I’m down on the product.

The Purpose of History is for learning, and Apple’s history is a well recorded example which repeats itself and will do until either Time ends of Apple does..

Lets look at the History


The first release of the phone while popular was just building a pathway for the future was a device which started off with no App Store, was slow, had a poor camera etc, it wasn’t really until the 3GS turned up that Apple was providing the phone they could have done from day one.

Decent processor, great screen, app store, camera


Much like the iPhone the original iPad while a ground breaking device and again setting the standard for Tablets in the same way the iPhone redefined the Smartphone business. The original iPad had no camera, a slow processor and was replaced by the iPad 2 in very quick time and again it wasn’t till the “New iPad” that the device got the Retina screen making the iPad 3 the device which Apple should have released to start with..

Nice screen, camera, decent processor..

Macbook Air

And Again we find ourselves watching yet another ground breaking product to the point that again it spawned another industry of Ultrabooks all on its own. However the Gen 1 device was slooooow and underpowered and while it was the darling of  CEO’s everywhere it also ran hot.. et again it sold well and Apple updated it and look at the potential i7 Device we have today a leader in it’s field..

A pattern forming..

As I said, I love the idea of the new Retina Macbook pro who wouldn’t, that screen and I’ve seen it 1st hand is amazing, the spec’s are sound even if you can’t upgrade the ram should be looking at 16Gb as the device can’t be RAM updated..

Essentially what Apple are doing here is the same thing they always do, they are using this device to pave the way. it will sell I have no doubt about that what i’d predict however is simple, in 12 months time once the Apps are mostly rewritten, the kinks in the driver’s ironed out, the battery technology improves this Retina screen will become the standard in the Macbook Air range. Apple are as they always do testing the water, getting things right just before they get the main product running the good stuff.


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