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Review: 123D Catch..

The iPad is a consumption device, a phrase which bugs the heck out of me as there are a huge number of innovative and great content creation apps on this platform and 123D Catch is my favourite this week. Brought to us by Autodesk the Autocad people this is a great app idea and it’s free.

So what is the idea here? simple.

Using the app you take photos of a static subject, the photos are taken around the subject in a 360 degree manner so you capture as much of the subject as possible.

Once complete your photos are uploaded to Autodesk’s cloud servers where they are queued and processed, once complete you can down load a 360 object image which you can spin round and see everywhere.

While the premise is a simple one, and the speed is quick, even over 3G i’ve had a couple of models returned back processed in under 10 minutes the process isn’t without a few flaws.

On the New iPad i’ve found the interface to be very slow and unresponsive at times and the process has come back on a number of times telling me that the photos i’ve uploaded are not good enough or one of them wasn’t in focus when I know they all where.

These are teething problems i’m sure (and the app is free) and I must say when this does work the results are absolutely amazing.

If you don’t have an iPad then you can try the same technology online at


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