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What’s in my Bag?

I’ve written this article a few times over the years and it’s interesting to fire out that the laptop bag has actually got lighter over the last few years.

This is mainly due to the main hardware component getting lighter and more portable over the last few years to the point where I don’t carry a laptop any more I have no need for one thanks to the Apple iPad however Tablets in general have really changed how we travel and what we take with us.

So first the bag, it’s a Crumplr a sturdy number with a solid strap which appears to have been made out of a Datsun Sunny  seatbelt and as such is about as solid as you’ll get. It fits a 10″ tablet and other items just perfectly and isn’t designed to catch anyone in the crotch on the bus or train in the morning.. Always a bonus.

In the Bag? Well the Tablet of choice at the moment is the iPad 3 3G bought with a 15Gb per month Tariff with 3 having been an iPad Gen 1 user for 2 years  the move up to the new device was a great step forward however it’s the 3G availability which has really amazed me, having always on internet while out and about makes using Maps, Mail, search while on the move much more usable.

I’ll do another article about what is on the iPad later apps wise suffice to say that this is a ground breaking device which lets me do a good 90% of what I need to do when out on the road.

iPad Accessories

As attachments to the device i’ve got a few, firstly is the best speaker in the world for on the move sound there is nothing better out there the X-Mini speaker a small device holding it’s own internal battery and pumping out a HUGE amount of power.

The speaker can also be chained together with  several other similar devices up to 8 of them and let me tell you that that is a lot of sound…

I’ve had this speaker for a few years now and I se that the company is now doing the same speakers however using bluetooth so no cables needed.

The other important attachment as I sue the iPad to do a lot of on the go Photo editing is the Apple Camera Connection Kit this could be seen at £25 as a blatant attempt by Apple to extort some additional cash from it’s customers as they have not put an SD card slot a seemingly obvious thing to put on the device. Whatever you’re thinking if you take photos on the go the SD card adaptor is an essential item, the USB adaptor, i’ve never yet roun anything which works with it and admit I lost it a while back.

There are two other Item’s i’ve purchased as attachments for the iPad the first is a Bluetooth mini keyboard, I’ve tried all the cases which offer built in keyboards and they all lack a decent real world usable keyboard. Having a seperate physical keyboard means i can use the Apple Smart cover, don’t add a permanent weight to the device via the cover and the keyboard is really good for typing on.

I don’t use it that often however has come in really useful on a couple of occasions doing longer blog posts while on the move. The other item is a more long term experiment as i’d like to use my iPad as a phone, making use of VoIP networks and the Bria application the concept of carrying an iPad next to my head making phone calls didn’t appeal so i’ve got a planronics Bluetooth headset.

I don’t make that many phone calls and having a choice of services such as Skype or VoIP available can keep costs down and make one less device to carry.

So thats the iPad and accessories in the bag however I do have a couple of other items in there, again not overly heavy.

I’ve two usb sticks in the bag both containing complete booth able OS’s on them one for fixing problems and the other for general use.

USB Sticks

On the First USB Stick I have Parted Magic on a great Linux based tool OS which has hundreds of tools for dealing with day to day IT needs.

On the other stick I have a fully bootable copy of Ubuntu 12.04 which saves settings and files over boots, I don’t need to make use of this type of OS that often it’s just useful to have a known working OS occasionally to be able to boot up on a PC.

So that’s what’s in my bag..


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