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Why I started using Safari again..

I found out something this week, it sent a minor tremor around my tiny world, Safari isn’t that bad or more specifically Google Chrome isn’t that good on the Mac.

This all started because of this blog, earlier this week, i was getting DNS timeouts when trying to upload photos to a blog post, using Chrome i did th usual disanosis, and nothing seemed to explain why, so i powered up Safari. Historically my feelings have been that Safari is a clunky slow browser which times out and beach ball’s my Mac’s all the time. However on this occasion I was able to complete the task at hand in Safari and in Chrome kept getting DNS timeouts. The WordPress support team confirmed there were no issues at their end, and I even changed primary DNS providers at this end to OpenDNS made no difference.

So then I started a few other tests


In Chrome Google+ on my Mac has a jutter, not something i can put my finger on, it’s slow, laggy and the new design is a nightmare. I just put this down to bugs in the back end which would be ironed out quickly. That was until I opened the Google+ page in Safari. Smooth as butter over stainless steel. No juddering at all


Youtube on Chrome takes a little while for the videos to kick in and again not a single thing that I could put my finger on just a general creep in the system. Again Safari has none of this..

Just to be fair If i head over to Apple’s site again, there is a minute lag on the site which i always put down to Apple doing something to mess with my head. Because it is really smooth with Safari.

Cookies, upgrades, settings and all..

The problem I have is there is nothing within Chrome other than this DNS issue I was having other than in recent weeks it’s been slowing down. I put this down to me just using the browser in its state for longer than Safari so i cleaned it right off my system, rebooted and reinstalled the browser fresh, no extensions, plugins, cookies or being connected to the google network and it still Lags, only slightly however made more noticeable as i have another browser to compare against.

The Firefox effect

At this point I’m wondering if Chrome is suffering from the firefox effect, Firefox was the fastest browser out there for a very long time then somewhere around version 3 it got laggy, and over time provided websites with the fluidity of treacle. Maybe time and backwards compatibility are causing the Mac version of Chrome the same issues?

So what does Safari offer?

So what does the modern Safari browser offer me on Lion? Well it’s fast, it feels noticeably faster than i remember and I don’t get beach balled quite as much as I remember doing on Leopard. The extensions are nice and the ones I use in Chrome are there (Lastpass, Feedly, Google+) are there.

Having seen in Mountain lion we get to search in the Address bar like google and a few other features coming in, i’m going to stick with Safari for now..


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