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Microsoft Tablet… It’s lost before it begun..

Microsoft have announced their new flagship Windows 8 device a Tablet coming in either Arm (NVidia Tegra) or Intel flavours sporting their new Windows Metro interface. We had assorted Microsoft faces telling us across many media types in an Apple Style performance just how Microsoft are the company to do this and get this right.

Shame that even before this device has made it to the storerooms of Amazon, John Lewis, JC Pennys it’s already lost the fight that it was never really prepared for.

Sure I may be trolling for a headline here and have at least got you to read thus far however my comments are not without substance..

I’ve used a lot of tablets, i’ve had experience with Windows 8, IOS3, 4 and 5 as well as Android 2, 3 and 4 I’ve put Ubuntu using KDE, Unity and Gnome 3 on Tablets so i have a fairly good idea what works and what doesn’t in a real world environment and this is why i’ve made the claim that this Tablet has lost before it started

Screen ratio

If you make a 16:9ratio screen on a tablet PC you are telling the world one thing, your device is for playing games and watching movies on. This screen resolution doesn’t work in portrait mode and this is a tablet not a PC so should work in portrait mode for reading and various other tasks. Apples iPad comes with a 4:3 ratio and gets its fair share of criticism for not supporting 16:9 movies properly however it’s a device you can read a book in portrait, check you’r mail consume information and then turn landscape as well. Sorry but 16:9 screen ratio just doesn’t cut the mustard in a tablet the way it may do on a smaller phone device.

Metro Interface

While i can’t comment on the RT version, the previews i’ve used on intel platforms all have the lovely Metro interface which works well and is low powered. I did a test on a tablet which was very sluggish on a Win7 install and it ran like a dream on Windows 8 however when Metro doesn’t know what to do it drops out and goes to the traditional “i don’t work on a tablet, that is why we need Metro” interface.  The simple fact there is even a traditional Windows interface anywhere this OS is a fail right off the bat. Windows doesn’t work on Tablets. Microsoft have been peddling this for years in one form or another and just don’t seem to be able to do anything other than theme Windows 7 with Metro to get into the market place.

If you are going to have a go at tablets, get in there, make mistakes, commit, don’t just add a theme to Windows 7..

What was forgotten to be mentioned?

As other blog and tech posts have mentioned Microsoft failed to mention a few key things as well specifically Data, we know (or we think we do) that it has Wifi so what about 3G/4G ? These are where Android Tablets are falling down the lack of commitment to cellular networks. Tablets are on the move devices not wait till you get home or to a Starbucks device

Then there is the battery life, wasn’t mentioned however if its anything less than 10 hours Houston we have a problem because people forget these are always on devices, you don’t turn them off in the traditional sense of the work thats why they appear so quickly when you press go.

Is this device $1 or $1K again price point is important,yes enterprise will buy on the back of the Microsoft Logo, they are blind like that however you want this to catch on at home to force Win 8 quicker into the enterprise.. Either way you launch your base model at anything more than an iPad and you’ve already lost the war.

Ok, so lets be brutally honest, this is a Microsoft Device and the Enterprise will eat it up, it’s going to do well, but not on the merit of the device, on the merit of the Brand and a path forged by others.. Windows 9 may be the one where Microsoft learn their lessons I just see Windows 8 as being Microsofts Windows ME repeat and this Tablet being their Zune..


One comment on “Microsoft Tablet… It’s lost before it begun..

  1. Rafael
    July 4, 2012

    I agree 100%.

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