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Putting all your eggs in one basket..

There is an expression  which goes like this “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”  Fig. to make everything dependent on only one thing; to place all one’s resources in one place, account, etc. (If the basket is dropped, all is lost.)

While i sit here watching another mobile phone keynote my second in 7 days i’m wondering if this is sound advice.

The mobile phone was always destined to be a catch all device even in those early days of the Nokia feature phones the concept of a device in your pocket which can do anything was the stuff of saturday morning cinema science fiction however in the span of 10 years has become a reality.

The phone in your pocket can make calls, that’s a given however even the most low spec phone’s these days also have a camera in them and will act as an MP3 player. The camera will usually be a reasonable 3 or 4 mega pixel and for a few quid more you’ll also get a half decent 480p or 640×480 video camera.

However at the smart end of the phone system the IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones are providing much more, with HD camera’s, full internet access on large screens recent updates to IOS and Windows mobile platforms will see the same core browser technology on both desktop and mobile platforms providing an even smother experience between laptop and phone.

Smart phones are getting very powerful hardware and the software we are putting on these devices is making them harder to live without for many people.

The recent addition to the phones however is the addition of the concept of the Digital wallet which aims to replace your need to carry that purse of leather bound object in your back packet and put it all into your phone. Google was the first to head down this path with its Google Wallet project, at WWDC Apple announced it’s Passbook application for IOS which doesn’t quite go as far as Google Wallet yet, but inevitably it will. Just today Microsoft have got into the same system on the Windows 8 Mobile system.

So with your personal photos, music, video’s, access to the bank details and now payments has the mobile phone put too many eggs in a single basket?

First there is the power issue if you are going to put all your eggs in this single basket you need to make sure it’s still on at the end of the day. Using a phone for all the features it can provide during the day drains that device dry on all the popular devices right now in around 8 hrs. Not so handy if you are trying to get onto a train using the NFC feature of your phone it needs power on. Same if you want to use your phone to pay for that last round of beers using it..

Then there is the issue of security, not the high level data security although yes that is a potential issue with all that malware out there trying to get the data off your always attached to the internet phone. No the security i’m talking about is the kind that lives in the real world. Pulling out your phone to make payments using nfc with a pin less system on payments up to $x is a great idea until a chancer swipes the device from your hand. This will happen and when it does you can call the card company, oh no you can’t because that payment device is your phone. so you are going to be out of cash and don’t believe the likes of Microsoft when they tell this is all secure and safe.. These are the same companies who have been letting data leak and been insecure on your desktop for over 20 years. Do you honestly believe by some stroke of luck suddenly the most bug ridden patch hungry companies in the world suddenly started programming properly… Good luck with that.

I love the idea of an all in one device, my access to the internet, my camera, my music, my payments, my tickets the whole lot in a single location however i’m concerned right now at having all my eggs in a single basket at the moment and I certainly don’t trust Microsoft to be the ones to get it right..


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