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What’s with all the Wifi only Tablets?

Looking for a tablet, why not they are a great mobile computing solution, that on the go computing while you are out and about. This is the computing of the new millennium for an active mobile community who likes to share their lives on the go.

Or is it?

Take a look in the UK at the choices of Android Tablets, there are the dominant Samsung devices out there the 7″ the 10.1 are very popular and then you have the Asus Transformer prime an amazing Nvidia Tegra 3 device best of breed if you like with 20 hrs of battery life and really showcasing ICS.

However look again at the locations you can buy those devices from and you will see a common thread, they re all being sold in the UK at least they are all Wifi only devices. Yes I agree if you hunt them down there are 3G Android tablets in the stores however having gone into a few mobile shops in London this week it’s all about the Wifi.

I find this pretty strange considering these are mobile devices in fact it’s mainly the mobility and lack of keyboard (well not so much in the Transformer prime’s case i guess). It’s only really the iPad which comes as standard in the shops with the 3G option being front and centre.

This affliction it appears however isn’t an Android only issue as today Microsoft announced the pricing and spec’s of the Microsoft Surface it announced earlier this week.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet will launch as a Wi-Fi-only device, according to a report from Bloomberg. And though Microsoft has remained ambiguous about its tablet’s pricing, saying it will be “comparable” to tablets with similar specs, a report from The Next Web indicates the Windows RT model will start at $599, and the Windows 8 Pro model will start at $999.


If this report is true then i’m amazed at Microsoft having truly mis understood the possible power of this device and missed the mark and as for the price.. EPIC FAIL because as Google know you need to come in at under the iPad or at least the same price in consumer land and that is way more expensive than the equivalent iPad and even many of the similar systems running Android.

Lets face it a Wifi only Asus Transformer prime is nearly 50% cheaper if you shop around.

These are strange times thinking that the mobile telco’s would be jumping all over these devices to sell mobile data contracts however not yet it seems..



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