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5 things I don’t like to eat

My wife describes me as a fussy eater, i’m not i just like simple food, i don’t like the la-de-da of expensive restaurants with pretentious service and small portions. I believe in getting what i pay for however with this being said, there are some things i absolutely hate eating..

Chicken on the bone

Chicken Drumsticks are the devils food, chicken on the bone is an example of just how far the human race has not come. We have derived numerous ways of preparing some great food so why do we still have chicken on the bone? It’s a rip off to start with a drum stick can look huge lots of meat, thats good, however pull the edible meat off the bone and its less than a bowl of tapas.. Bones are most of the drumstick and that’s if you have spent money on the drumsticks.

In most cases the amount of money spent on drumsticks is low, they are seen as a cheap idea for barbecues however buy cheap drumsticks and you will get lots of bone and gristle, that rubbery chewy stuff at the end of the bone, thus reducing the amount of edible meat again, cheaper the drumstick more of the gristle.

Then what do you do with the bones? all the nice food and bones floating around my plate..

Restaurants like Nando’s are king of the gristly drumstick with the over use of sauce and I admit i hate it..

Chicken breast, no bones, moist meat, no problem..


One reason i dislike fish is the taste, i’m not a fan of the fruit of the sea, that being said, i love crab, prawns, lobster, oysters all great. Fish not so much. I don’t like the scales, i don’t like the smell, I don’t like the fact that not one chef i’ve every eaten with has managed to get the bones out of the fish..

The other problem with fish is the restaurants which serve it seem to believe that it is the only meat in the world, and rarely offer an alternative. Got to a steakhouse and you can get fish, rarely can you go to a fish restaurant and get a steak..

This is a minor issue however as my wife loves fish..

Sandwiches with salad in them

Ok, it’s not just sandwiches with salad in them, its sandwiches where i bite into one end and one of two things happens, either the other end of the sandwich falls out all over my lap because it’s got lots of bits in it, or the salad makes the sandwich soggy.. A sandwich is a thing of simplicity, i don’t need rocket in it.

This problem also happens when you go half and half on a pizza with the other half, i’ll go for a traditional topping pepperoni and chefs, my wife will opt for something which when i pick up a slice most of it ends up all over the floor because it’s not supposed to be on a pizza.

Sandwiches however are becoming much more of an issue, the prey;s of this world seem to be spending much more time on ensuring that great sandwiches have soggily limp salad in them for no reason. The Pret Deli sandwich, pickles, pork, sauce and 12 layers of rocket.. not needed! leave it on the lawn..

Thin crust pizza

Yes, i know, its probably how they are suppose to be cooked in italy, i don’t live in italy and therefore when I order a pizza i don’t need a burn bread crunchy base with the consistency of a cream cracker.. The italians may have invented it, the Chicago restrains and New york deli’s perfected it and Pizza needs a substantial dough and crust.

I’m in no way suggesting injecting cheese into the crust is a pod idea, it might be if you are 5, but not for a real pizza, a real pizza is all about the cheese and italian meats, as i’ve already suggested i don’t need Pineapple on my pizza that’s a fruit, just in the same way if i asked for Banana or Orange i’d be looked at as nuts. Chunks of broccoli, vegetables and even bolognase sauce are all wrong.

You should be able to pick up a hot pizza slice and know that the base will stay on the bread and so will the toppings, not end up as a stain in your lap which will never wash out of that white shirt..

Drinking and eating..

This last one isn’t so much something I don’t like to eat, it’s a statement i hate to hear. You are out with your mates having a pint, enjoying a pint, a few more beers take place and then someone says “I’m hungry, lets go and get something to eat” This single statement is the death knoll of a good night out. People who want to “go and eat” should not be served in pubs (much like coffee shouldn’t either its a pub people, not a bloody Starbucks).

Why do i hate this? Well firstly after a few pints usually a good conversation is happening, people are enjoying themselves, this statement kills that as it immediately splits the group in half. Then they spend an hour trying to figure out what to eat and will not stop going on and on about “something to eat” i recently went to a leaving party with three people who spent before the event not being able to decide between them where to eat but kept going on about it and asking me what i though, then they spent 2 hrs in the pub reminding me they wanted to eat and where to go, like i cared, then they went to eat came back and what happens EVERY TIME people eat during a beer session.

They get back and find out that now they are full on food, they can’t drink any more because they are bloated..

Great way to kill a good night out. If you want to eat it’s simple, you go out and get something to eat on your own BEFORE YOU GO OUT!! if you need to eat to hide the fact that 2 beers renders you a puking useless wobbling jello of a person fine, i do not want to know!! I can handle my beer, i like the conversation, many years of training and a wife who reminds me often or previous red card moments have taught me to stop drinking when i have had too much.

Ok, what do you not like to eat and why?


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