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IOS Jailbreak Tip: Add IOS6 Twitter to the notification bar

One of the new features of the IOS 6 system was the addition of the Tweet now facility direct from the notifications bar, hopefully this will also  pave the way forward for other applications such as initially Facebook, however there are a lot of possibilities with this feature.

You don’t have to wait till IOS 6 is launched to have this feature enabled as long as you have a Jailbroken IOS device.

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The package is called “iOS 6 Twitter Widget,” and once installed users can add the aforementioned widget to Notification Center, from within the “Notifications” section of the Settings app. It’s as simple as that: no new icons are added to the Home screen, and no new panes are added to the built-in Settings application. The tweak replicates iOS 6′s Twitter widget perfectly, and looks great.

It’s worth noting that the app which is downloaded from the Cydia App store also works in conjunction with the also excellent Mounting Lion Notification Centre tweak also available in the Cydia App store.

It’s good to see features like this slipping into the jailbreak community and i’d like to see some of them slip into the actual IOS infrastructure.


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