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With all these high res screens and tablets why do we need printers?

The question pops into my mind every time the print spooler locks up at work what is it people are printing? I’ve personally not printed a document at work in 2 years. I read it on the screen and use tools to highlight, mark and post.

I’m not sure what the printer still brings to the party, it’s an eco unfriendly device which will run out of toner/ink when you most need it. They jam up waste paper put ozone into the office atmosphere and we haven’t even started on th potential health risks on that toner dust.



We have moved, not are moving, into an age when the argument “I get a headache looking at the screen” is only made by those too stupid enough to find the brightness control on the display.

Screens have never been better, and will only get better still with Retina screens they are crisp and sharp compared to those old VGA clunkers we used to use. Resolutions and screen sizes mean we can display the whole page on a monitor should we want to.

Then there is the whole tablet movement, the last nail in the coffin for the argument of a printer the snide “well i can’t really carry this into a meeting” comment.. Why not? it’s a tablet.

Infact the only reason i can see for a printer now is a simple one, we are a generation behind on the whole concept of people using tablets instead of paper.. by which i mean quite simply the current generation of middle management and workers just can’t cope with the whole concept of mobile computing.

Sure mobile computing it’s a nice idea, however they have only just mastered Windows XP and are having to deal with the introduction of Windows 7 into their lives.. Windows 8, IOS and Android just don’t fit into this world, until there is a mixing of minds which needs to show off the best toys.. then the tablet is ok.

The Printer is a dead duck, it’s time is limited, it’s soon to be an old relic of the past like the fax machine, photocopier and the 56K modem…


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