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Where is this lab? I want to have a go..


Researchers at the University of Southern California, Tel Aviv University and NASA’s Jet Propulsion lab have used their massive brains to show off a way to deliver speeds of 2.5 terabits per second wirelessly. That’s 500,000 times faster than the current low-end LTE speeds and 5,000 times faster than the 5.5 gigabits per second, which is the fastest theoretical wireless broadband I’ve encountered in my years covering wireless.

These researchers have managed to achieve this epic speed at a distance of less than one meter using what researchers call “twisted signals.” According to Extreme Tech, which explains it so well:

These twisted signals use orbital angular momentum (OAM) to cram much more data into a single stream. In current state-of-the-art transmission protocols (WiFi, LTE, COFDM), we only modulate the spin angular momentum (SAM) of radio waves, not the OAM. If you picture the Earth, SAM is our planet spinning…

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