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5 Things I don’t like to Drink…

This is a follow up on a post last weekend about things I don’t like to eat and is a look at things I just don’t like to Drink..


I read i’m sure somewhere that all humans should dislike the taste of coffee, however it’s obvious looking at the number of Coffee shops in the hight street this isn’t the case. I don’t like the taste i find it bitter and yuk, well the liquid form anyway, ironically I like coffee cake and coffee chocolate? Mind you i hate Marmite and love Twiglets..

Anyway, turns out there is a reason I don’t like coffee its Phenylthiocarbamide a wonderful unpronounceable word which according to Wikipedia (so it must be right, eh?) It has the unusual property that it either tastes very bitter or is virtually tasteless, depending on thegenetic makeup of the taster. The ability to taste PTC is a dominant genetic trait, and the test to determine PTC sensitivity is one of the most commonly used genetic tests on humans.

So it would appear some how, i’m genetically intolerant to coffee in the liquid in a cup form..


Whisky, Gin, Bourbon, Vodka all have one thing in common when I drink them, I black out, and I don’t mean the sort of black out where you find yourself taking about the pros and con’s of Andy Warhol art or booking a flight to Italy, i’m talking about the sort of Black out which I loose 6 or 7 hours and wake up in a canal..

Now some of this may just be the fact when I eventually get offered spirits in any form it’s usually after the amounts of beer you’d be impressed to see an Elephant hold in it’s trunk, and as the old adage goes you’re not supposed to mix the drinks.. Either way better off just passing on the shots and going to the Gents every 20 minutes due to the Pints.

It never used to be this way, i remember doing a Bottle of Thai whisky on the Banks of Kanchanaburi with a good friend and getting up the next day to go Elephant trekking.. Mind you apparently i spent an evening speaking fluent French with another traveller.. I don’t speak french..

Tap Water

It’s a fact, when you turn your tap on and fill that glass of unfiltered water, that stuff has passed through fish, vagrants, two pub toilets, a dog and maybe three miles of lead lined victorian pipes if you’re lucky. Tape water is horrible stuff it even tastes so unlike water in London it’s strange. In many countries you’re told you can’t drink the tap water, well you know what, you probably can’t in the UK either, it’s just we bought into this hype.

With all the chemicals we put into our water it’s a wonder there is no long term study into the effects this is having on us..

I’m not a fan of water full stop, however understand that it is needed slightly to keep us alive, however it’s Evian all the way for this bod.

Even filtered bottle water has a funny taste if you go for the cheap stuff i’d have to ask if it is not just local tap water.


When I first started drinking i hated the taste of Beer, evidently a normal thing, however cider, that was find, strongbow, woodpecker were the pints of choice and that grows on to things which gloop out of a pump and have a name like Old Rosy. Eventually this turned into a dislike of fermented apple joyce and a like for Beer.

However there seems to have triggered a synapse in my head which in turn has made Cider something i really dislike.. to the point of not being able to swallow the stuff. Again ironic seeing as i love apple juice.

One thing which I will always say about cider is, it’s an end of a house party drink. Someone will always bring two bottle s of Cider to a house party, and at the end of the night it is the only thing ever left under a mountain of Stella Can’s.

Probiotic Drinks

This has nothing to do with taste.. it’s the advertising which has turned me off these little bottles of creamy white goodness. I see the advertisements and then the amount of bacteria in them, and yes, i know it’s all good bacteria, the bloke on the ad told me that too.. However something in my brain tells me Bacteria = bad and if i don’t understand the word = very bad.

Where did probiotic come from? is it ia medial word or did the same marketing team which came up with “your hair feels visibly better” make this word up too? It wasn’t in the GCSE biology test was it? Was i sick that day?

Sorry the thought of drinking a little bottle of what is essentially off yoghurt really doesn’t o it for me.. i don’t care how cute you make the bottle or the actress drinking it..


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