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The “I wish Apple would…” effect

Have been chuckling about one line all week, I’ve heard it on the podcasts i listen to, i’ve read it in the blogs, no other company other than Apple could make so many people use this line..

I wish Apple would….

Apple have a clear cut strategy, they learnt from the mistakes of the 90’s when they would zig zag around trying to please everyone, and when their share price was at its lowest they made a change few companies are brave enough to do. they seem to have said (I say they, at this point, it was probably the single mindedness of Steve Jobs putting his nuts on the line) we will not do what the market dictates, we will dictate the market.

Essentially rather than trying to please the whole industry and getting no where, they chose the products they were strongest at the Mac, Macbook and OSX and set a product map for it. And stuck to it. Fixes would come out, updates would be released and the slow but steady improvement brought them legions of fans.

the same is true for the iPad and the iPhone, there is a path, a target for both devices, dictated by Apple, not the market and this direction gives them the ability to not only shape the device, but the whole infrastructure.

This single mindedness however leads to many a tech person saying “I wish Apple would….” across all their devices, as it leads to a certain level of frustration. As geeks we are not Apple’s core customer, their core customer, their ideal customer, is someone who has seen a geek using their product, they have made something look easy, have no clue how to do it themselves, but are willing to drink the koolaid, pay the bucks and get the shiny toys.. The Apple targeted customer isn’t someone who cares if Google or Apple do the maps, they don’t care if Podcasts is in or out of the Music App, they don’t care if FaceTime only works over Wifi so Skype is potentially a better solution and they don’t care that Siri hasn’t really got a clue what is being asked, it just looks cool when you find a  search which works and can show it of to your mates down the pub, even better if its a bit dirty.

The people peole Apple are targeting are consumers people who don’t buy a TV because it looks good or has  better picture, they buy it because they have a Samsung Phone and that’s ok, and it fits in their price bracket (ok bad analogy) and we Geeks are apples salesmen because Apple know that as consumer orientated they go, as pulled away from those BSD roots they get as consumer friendly they make FinalCut pro once you’re in, it is very difficult to get out, and Geeks are like the internet. We find a way around the problem..

So while we may have a thousand wishes as to what we would like Apple to do. It’ never going to happen, because from Apples perspective they are 1000 different wishes and they can’t fix all of them.. So they are better off sticking to the road map, keeping sir Ive busy making shiny things that people want but don’t need..


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