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Apple are releasing a 7″ tablet, yeah right they are..

So the blogs are alight with the sound of another apple rumour, evidently a paper based publication, remember those, has suggested in order to keep those dwindling sales up that Apple are going to release a 7″ tablet.. And every fool is agreeing with them.

Let’s get something very clear from the offset. You create a tablet based on market demand, and even Amazon will admit in recent months there has been. Little or less demand for the kindle fire. The worlds biggest selling 7″ tablet.

The world doesn’t need this device, it’s a fudge between a phone which are getting to about 4.5″ and an iPad. Tablets need real estate, connectivity and apps something which as nice as the idea sounds the 7″ form factor misses out on.

Ever used one? The screens are too small to do anything meaningful, and that is why even Amazon are struggling to sell them. Honest truth, once you have used an iPad, you can’t go smaller, and if you have a smart phone is that extra 3 inches worth it?

This is a story doing the rounds to sell good old fashion paper based newspapers ona potentially quiet week as the us all goes home to thank the lord the British left.

apples bums on seats stock actually shifted not in a warehouse numbers show that the iPad is rocking the world still, and will do for quite a while. Eco system, app infrastructure and brand name have consumes knocking down the door all over the world.

If apple were going to do anything bigger I believe they may make a 5″ iPod touch why sully the iPad name. Its a pad, not a scratch and sniff device.

Other than that… Non story, jog on or as we say in London

keep calm, and carry on..


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