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Oh will you stop going on about Ubuntu…

Will someone please explain to me what is going on over at canonical! Specialists in missing the boat and the inability to implement a good idea to the wider world..

In case you didn’t know Canonical are the company who redefined the word Linux to mean Ubuntu the distro to which most people refer to when they mention Linux. Linux is an operating system which has been promising to do big things for years and never does. Every year I hear it’s the year of the Linux desktop since about 1998 and well, it’s not.

So this Ubuntu creation, it’s taken the command line back, it’s redirected conventional wisdom and redefined the Linux desktop to a decent commercial offering. One which is screaming out to be touched like a (enter inappropriate analogy here) the Ubuntu interface unity is gagging to get itself on a proper arm or intel tablet and blows the completion out of.the water yet it’s not.. It’s whimpering and whining about this that and the other..

While iOS, android and windows 8 get the column inches yet again Ubuntu sits and wonders why it’s not been invited to the party. It’s not likes it’s not a looker, big buttons, sidebar with icons beautiful Heads up display, built in hardware support, low rearend foot print, fast potentially more useable than windows 8 for many people. But still no prince charming for this young(ish) belle.

This is an OS which needs a suitor in the tablet world, yet again however canonical and Linux will miss the boat, bemoan hardware manufacturers for loving microsoft and go back into the cave and lick its wounds forever a desktop third string sit on the bench and dual boot alternative.

Even in the tv market, the option was there, Ubuntu tv was a good start, something to build on, yet months later, nada, nothing, Ubuntu for android, ground breaking, seems to be dead in the water..

What is it about Linux that when even backed by the clout of a south African billionaire it still can’t get it’s trousers on and step up to the plate? It’s mature, it’s secure, it works, it has a huge use base yet seems condemned to the desktop as an after thought on the it hall of what could have been.

Maybe it’s developer excuses? Maybe it’s just plain can’t be bovvered? Something isn’t right and don’t go telling me it’s those marketing dollars not around.. Wrong.

It’s thousands of commercially unaware developers scared to hit the big leagues and do the right thing. Do we really want closed source tablets like the one I’m writing this on taking over again just like Windows on the px? Isn’t it time to suck it up, admit kde doesn’t work, gnome is crap, unity has financial backing, and get on with providing an argument free OS which people can use? Maybe. MAYBE NOT?


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