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Something i’d like to see on a Tablet, Android or iPad..

As the user of both an iPad and Android Tablet device i’m finding myself using my Macbook Pro less and less for general tasks, the always on lure and ease of use of apps coupled with better tablet focussed websites with less Flash and more  great adaptive content makes using Tablets more and more usable as a computing device .

However there is an area where part of me wishes i could couple a feature of Android and an App from the IOS platform to assist my photography workflow.

Feature from Google Android

Android is a great platform on Phone’s and getting there on the Tablet infrastructure as well it’s only going to go from strength to strength. There are some features which do set this ecosystem apart from IOS and one such features isn’t something which you’d maybe call a killer feature however in the world of Apps on mobile platforms it almost is.

If you are a google+ user and have your Google+ app working and take or put photos on the Android device, you can set the OS to upload the photos to Google+  in the background. Once uploaded the photos are set as private and you can opt to share the photos publicly within your circles should you want to.

I’m not 100% sure if these photos are also available from Google Driver however if they are not, this is something Google needs to sort out and make it so.

With the memory low on these devices cloud storage is important and transparently getting photos off the device up to the close Google Platform and then available from Google Drive is huge and important.

This is something IOS just doesn’t do, well on the iPad it doesn’t and that is a shame, understandable considering Google current fraught relationship with Apple and although there is a public smiling face shown, you’ve just got to believe that the removal of Google Maps from IOS 6 hurt. Google’s Drive App for the iPad is well if I’m honest pointless and just a showing which ticks some boxes on a webpage and the Google+ app for iPad is.. Well it isn’t a year in.. And that is not sup rising considering Google want to promote its infrastructure on it’s device.

Apps from IOS.

While Android does have that wonderful linkage to the google infrastructure the iPad has the Apps, While i’m aware of a few Android apps for photo editing the best i’ve found is Snapseed on the the iPad. the Snapseed webpage has been suggesting an Android App for over a year, still nothing exists despite the Tablets with the specs suggested existing.

Coupled with apps like DashofColorHD and FX studio HD this 10″ Tablet has a far greater array of superior photos editing and manipulation apps than Android.

Photo workflow

I’m grandfathered into Google Drive, i’ve tried Dropbox and Spideroak and i’m not going to spend another 2 months uploading my 60GB of Photos from the last 10 years. This is why i love the idea of Google+ automatically backing up the photos from the Tablet. However in reality any of the players in this market could do this. Box, Dropbox and with the API’s out there the potential for an IOS App to provide this sort of background functionally so I can upload photos using the Camera Connection kit, into such an App, set the background upload process and go out to Snapseed or another app to edit the photos, and share the saved photos with the usual suspects.

However there is a potential for Snapseed and other such apps to be released on Android and when that happens this platform gets to be first to the post.

the important thing is getting the photos off the device backed up to the clod, having file system type access post upload to them and the ability to edit the photos with external apps.. Then share either photos or groups of photos with social media..

Am I wrong?

Am I right, do both platforms have limitations? Or am i missing something which makes both or either tablet platform better for doing this? I really would like this system on a mobile Tablet which I can use on the go and not worry about the lack of space on the tablet and that the photos are backed up.


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