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5 Great things about Tech

While it’s amusing to tell the world what i don’t like, sometime’s it’s worth while also reinforcing what it is that I do like as well, life is not all bad.. As an IT Engineer there are many many things i love about the best industry in the world the Tech industry.


The single most impressive thing for me in IT isn’t the microprocessor, isn’t the tablet, the mac or any of these things its communication. The saying goes that the world’s history is reported by the winners. So while we have historical records they are not always an accurate representation of the world at the time, just one person or group of persons representation of life.

The late 20th Century has opened the communication and documentation to the whole world, anyone with access to the internet is adding to a historical record with more data than any other time in our history. And not just by the victors but by the common man. While it may be felt that tweets of what people had for lunch are important they all add to the bigger picture of society in our time.

Taking communication to its other meaning the ability to contact potentially any other person in the world for free via internet VoIP technologies from a mobile device with video conferencing. Amazing seeing as in my lifetime this would have previously cost a fortune required an operator and only to a fixed phone line.


If there is one thing the tech industry can’t be held for is a lack of innovation, and even today the concept of setting up a global tech powerhouse from your garage isn’t beyond possibility. Technology moves so fast todays hues innovations are tomorrows consumer products.

If anything however the current patent laws and scared consumer power houses are attempting to stifle innovation with lawyers. We are in the cusp of huge changes in our world. TV, Media Distribution,Phone communications it’s all going to be very different within 10 years.

You can’t stop innovation, you can’t change progress it will happen, you can try and slow it down, however Technology builds on the mistakes and positives of the past to create better and more..


Technology is often accused of taking jobs and this has been proven in the past, however we often forget for every job lost because of technology others are created in the tech industry which employs many millions of people.

Technology has enabled us as humanity to do many things, see many things and try things we maybe would never had done so in the past.

From enabling people to walk again to even restoring partial sight to people, to be able to see people you have not seen in years and even providing education to the masses.


Oh, the conversations, you can’t put a group of engineers together with a pint and not expect a great conversation, disagreements over what x is better than y.. Engineers, Support guys, they never agree and are all always right however in the best way possible.

The Future

And no matter how much you think you know, the future is what the IT is always about, there are always blogs, posts and comment on emerging exciting technologies. This is technology from emerging technology  to a consumer device it will never stop..


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