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5 Places I don’t like Going to..

Another in the series of hints I don’t like and why is places, again this is a little bit tongue in cheek however these are places I don’t like going to…

Shopping in the High Street or Mall

I’d like to tell you that I don’t know why I don’t like shopping, however that would be a lie because it’s not one thing its many things of which the complete ignorance of the people around you is the main reason. Head out on any shopping experience food, clothes, shoes whatever and you are surrounded by packs and individuals who forego the usual pleasantries of society and act like zombies. A single focus of “finding the best deal” means you will get pushed past, walked over, bags or umbrellas in places these sharp edges just shouldn’t be put. This experience is bad enough in a normal weekend as trying to stand out of the way just draws people to where you are standing however during a sales season it’s almost hysteria as people will just walk over you who wouldn’t say boo to a goose normally.

As wel as the crush which occurs during shopping, chances are I’m not actually going to be doing any shopping because I cannot find anything I want in any of the shops. Tech is overpriced in the hight street and I’m a plus sized guy so forget clothes which only fit your small gay best friend. Thats not a direct homophobic remark it’s an observation of most males clothes stores in the high street, they are all catering for one bloke who lives in London somewhere. Here is a question for ou, how is it if the UK is one of the most obese nations in Europe, something we are told a lot especially pre Olympics yet cloths are all medium and small. This to me is proof alone that we are not an obese nation, commercial clothes companies should know just how much of each size they are selling and stock accordingly and they stock small sizes. Thus the government is pushing a propaganda lie..

And other than being pushed around and not having anything i want on the high street, I hate shopping because it generally creeps in everywhere, it’s the new religion, go somewhere for culture or a view if there are shops there they take over.. and i’m sorry ladies, there is some problem with the firing of the synapses in your brain when it comes to shopping you loose all sense of reasonable logic. it starts with finding what you want in the first shop and going to 100 more just to make sure there is nothing bette in those and then going back to that first shop to find out the one thing you did like after a day of looking (i use looking because shopping infers the changing of cash for goods, which rarely happens) only to find out that someone has now bought it. And that acto of looking in a shop is about as random as nature can produce there is no reason man nor beast can fathom for the need to pick up every pair of shoes and the random pattern followed while looking for clothes in a Next is something engineers are using to generate entropy..

The only time when shopping is a positive experience is when it’s done online, cheaper prices, no barging and shoving, the item turns up.. done..


The dentist, the devil in a surgery. These people are born liars they start off with that statement “this won’t hurt” and then jab you with a needle.. In what world does a needing in the gums not hurt?

This fear of the dentist started as a youngster as i had a tooth growing out of th side of my milk teeth and had to have the 80’s style gas and needles and it hurt. However was recently culminated in an experience while i was living in Bangkok.

I cracked a tooth at the back and needed it removed so went to a local dentist, it was clean, the Devil was smiling and into the seat i sit. 5 minutes in and 4 injections the devil tried pulling the tooth, the answer in Thailand to all teeth problems, don’t fill, don’t cap, pull it out.. a cultural thin i believe inflicting pain on others.. Anyway on go the pliers and crack the whole crown on the tooth breaks.. with most of the tooth left in the gum.

This now started a painful chain of events, with each level of pain being much like Dantes Inferno with each level of pain being higher. First the Devil tried removing the tooth, metal on bare tooth nerves.. Ouch.. Then we had 10 more injections, tried again, no that still hurt in the way that dragging nails down a blackboard with your nuts trapped in a draw doesn’t come close. Then came the drill into the middle of what is left of the tooth and inject into the hole.

Pain.. This is it, how i am expected to keep my mouth open and not killing the devil i don’t know, infact the pain was so bad I actually believe my brain shut down for a few seconds.

We left that turned out to be a trainee dentist doped up to the hills and got this sorted two days later by a dentist who wasn’t hanging around, a swift injection, a “This might hur…..” tooth pulled.

This is why i’m a hater on the Dentist..

House parties

Ah, yes, the house party.. a girl crying on the stairs, everyone jammed into a kitchen, and group of stoners getting high and burning the carpet.

Give a house party, or go to one they are always the same, if you host one in a rented place say good by to your deposit put simply your carpet will be destroyed, so will your bathroom, you’ll be smelling vomit for month after and never figure out what caused the light in the one to stop working..

If you are lucky the party will have good music, if your unlucky the host or someone they know will have a guitar and try unsuccessfully to play it for an hour. There will always be an argument and at least one female will be upset usually end up in tears on the stairs.

You want a good time, go to a pub you can leave..


I actually love the beach, i love working on them and I especially love the picturesque nature of the beach however what I don’t like is really SAND!! it gets everywhere, and it never leaves.. months later you will get sand coming out of shoes, bags crevices the whole shebang..
Sand runs like hell, flip flops on skin with some sand in them become torture devices about 2 miles into a beach walk.. And sitting on the beach gets sand in places in the body it should never be in..
The alternative to the sandy beach is a Brighton style rocky beach, which is just as bad and less pleasant to look at..


Finally we have buffets, what the hell is the point of a restaurant buffet? I get it at a house party or on a home party, its quick easy food which fills no one up and ends up with bowls of uneaten crisps made soggy by spit covered kids fingers.. However buffets in restaurant are pointless.
firstly there are the people who put things back, dude you picked that off and put it on the plate you can’t change your mind.. worse still and i have seen this on more than one occasion are people who eat straight from the buffet, spoon in, take a bite prior to choosing. However one step further was a Woman in an all you can eat buffet in Edgware who took a bite out of a spring roll and didn’t like it so put it back in the tray on the buffet. Not a kid, a 40+ year old grown up, she then did the same on the fried rice and two other dishes. I’ve seen people sneeze and cough over the buffet food..
Communal eating doesn’t work because people just have different levels of food hygiene requirements. and if it’s not unhygienic people then its cold food. All you can eat buffets work on just replacing the food in the tray so some of that stuff can be recycled many times and be very old. You can spot this hen you get that mouthful of cold food.

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