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Theme Mac OS X with an Ultra-Minimalist & Clean Silver Appearance

This is a wonderful look and feel idea i’ve implemented myself which i found on OSXDaily

Greyscale Mac OS X desktop UI


Mac OS X doesn’t really have “themes” in the traditional sense, but you can create themes of sorts yourself by applying a few system tweaks. We’ve shown you how to do this before with a retro-inspired Classic Mac OS appearance and making OS X look like iOS, and now we’ll show you how to bring a nice looking modern minimalist greyscale appearance to OS X:

    • Black Menu Bar: Get a dark OS X menu bar with the free MenuBarFilter tool.
    • Graphite Buttons & UI Elements: Open System Preferences and click on “General”, then look for “Appearance” and set Graphite to change the window action buttons to silver. Under “Highlight color” pick Silver or a variation of grey.
    • Greyscale Wallpaper: Pick a minimalist greyscale wallpaper, the screenshot uses “Light” from DizzyUP that we’ve covered before, but Subtle Patterns is a great collection too.
    • Hide the Desktop Icons: To push the minimalist aspect, either disable the desktop icons through a Terminal command or with a menubar tool like DesktopUtility
    • Auto-Hide the Dock: Hit Command+Shift+D to enable auto-hiding, and then make auto-hiding even better by removing the show & hide delay using the following defaults write command:

defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock

With the menubar black and the graphite UI elements enabled, everything in the user interface gets a nice modern silver and greyscale appearance. It’s not a complete transformation but it looks very clean and matches the greyscale Finder sidebar icons quite well.


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