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Tips on Capturing the City in Motion

This is a great article one as a very amateur photo buff i can learn a lot from, head over to the webpage to get the other 8 tips.

Street photography is one thing, but capturing the heartbeat of the city is something else. The everyday motion of the metropolis’ can make for some of the most compelling photographs, as it: wakes up to a serene surreal world, endures the hustle and bustle of day, ebbs as the commuter crowds leave at night and finally how it rejoices its nocturnal form.

Times Square at Dusk (New York City)

In this article discover some top tips for photographing a city in full flow.

1. Capture ‘Flow’ and ‘Energy’

The image should embody some flow of energy and in a city that energy is everywhere. It is just a case of knowing where to look. The fantastic thing about this niche is that its subjects are varied, exciting and endless; a bridge covered in human traffic as the commuter rush begins, trails of city traffic graffiti a night vista, a subway train dashing into a tunnel – its motion blurred yet its platform crisp. Walk through the city and stop when you feel a rush of people or traffic around. Then compose the shot to convey the rush and fire at will.

Dagens foto - 164: Save Tonight

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