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Why other having a contact me page if you don’t get back?

So you’re looking for support, help, advice and you hit a company website and the end of this great journey ends up at the contact page. Where a simple truncation takes place and you provide the company with the email address you use and they provide you with the feedback you require..

or not..

The realist truth is a simple equation, the larger the company the less likely you are to get any mailed response from them other than some marketing stuff or a cookie cutter auto reply.

I really do have to ask, what is the point, the illusion of the “Contact me page” on a website if you don’t get back to the person contacting you.

What is potentially even worse than a no reply? The auto reply which tells you that someone will get back to you in n working days. and you just know thats really means “we hope that you solve your issues before one of our, ok our only customer care person who is really overworked gets back to you”

This seems to be a more common thread as companies cut back on staff and the staff left do have more to do, and it’s not going to get any better soon.

This is a shame because as most companies are looking for customer retention and methods of flogging their services the simple human touch, of giving a crap and replying to every email saves time, reduces customer care phone calls and keeps people happy. the opposite is simple you just end up with upset loosing customers.

So if you work on a help desk, and see those mails coming in, they are important, if someone is mailing you they need help and deserve as a customer at least a reply…


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