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Managing the conversations..

Using WordPress as my central blog platform I’m very happy with it, not much to complain about, some good features, it’s very social and some nice themes. However it’s got me thinking not so much my content i’m now having a “problem” to manage it’s dealing with the replies..

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t get many replies to these posts, i get a fair number of views, however it struck me on two posts I had yesterday that the conversations which came out of the posts on another platform would have been great to automatically post to the blog site as well.

Here’s the scenario, I write a blog post, i publish it to WordPress, which in turn feeds the handful of followers I have as well as several social media sites. This is all good as it bumps up the site stats and gets google and other search engines seeing projectzme out there and SEO and all that.

I then get feedback on that post on Google+ and have a bit of a back and forward, i love the feedback and conversations especially on G+ as the people are generally not just there to Troll, however the same feedback could be via Digg ot Tumblr. the conversation could go on for a while.

What i’d like is to be able to get this feedback, back into the blog page as automatically as i get the blog out there. This feedback is part of the posts which are often discussion sparkers..

I’m not aware of doing this on WordPress, i’ve had a look at systems like Discus however they don’t quite do the above. unless the remote platforms are running the same Discus plugin.

Much like what i’m about to ask here, is anyone aware of a way to do this? Bring the discussion’s from social media sites back into WordPress?



One comment on “Managing the conversations..

  1. projectzme
    July 8, 2012

    Here is an example, this was a converation generated by this post from G+

    Thomas Mims17:54
    So…. You are essentially looking to aggregate social media streams via your WP site right?

    There are several decent plugins for WordPress users. Check this site for a start. – .

    To bad you weren’t using Drupal because I’d have an array of opinions.

    David Field17:59Edit
    Sort of, i want to take comments made in relation to WP posts (and i post a lot of other stuff to social sites) and feed back those comments to the WP comments section for that post. 

    Thomas Mims18:05 (edited)
    I see what you are saying. Adding incoming “approved” data to the “comments” section (from variant social media sites) of your WP site would be difficult. Most of the plugins I’ve seen to date give you the ability to add a widget on your sidebar.

    David Field18:05Edit
    I know, this conversation is an example of what i’d love to be able to feed back automatically into the post on the WP. (not complaining about the feedback, its all good) it just looks like there is never any feedback on the blog page. However I like you and may other users like to reply where i see the post. It’s not just a WP thing, i’m sure across the board it’s an issue. G+ Post ends up on Facebook, Facebook gets the comment, G+ looks empty..

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